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Racial tensions

by Cadma 2 months ago in opinion

Generational influence

Racial tensions are high in a society that promises equality to all shades of human kind. The small eyes in the mirror have always loved the red in the skin that surrounds it in the summer and how yellow it becomes in the winter; a pride of color but never supremacistic about it. Racial identification has become a highlighted necessity amongst the small minded stuck on over labeling. Within the last few weeks I was physically challenged by a Black male who called me on the slant which honestly surprised me and pissed me off simultaneously. Later only to attract a White Supremacist who chose me to sit next to and discuss how I Black Women should die. Later I was approached by my apparently “Latino” Papa in the street who insisted on calling me Mija in public for his assistance; he was also upset I was speaking Spanglish. I helped him to his location nonetheless. I was also judged for not being “Black” enough by someone else’s definition as if my skin color changes based on my lifestyle and personality I was also reminded that I cannot relate to others because I am only Black and nothing more to invalidate my strange experiences; only becoming another unnecessary experience.

Racial conversations are high and hot topics. These conversations are like the bubbles in my boiling pot of tea that often is spilled when I am challenged. It is an incredible observation of how vital it is to individuals to label another person based on their appearance from how they should act, things they should and shouldn’t like, dress and of course the experiences they claim can only be validated to the presumptive observer; without question but only judgment. I find it baffling that there are individuals that are exigent in their labels and feel ownership to the right to bother an individual not bothering them.

Humans only carry the value of their character and intentions. If one so chooses to follow me and prepare to “throw hands” and say something of the slant to my face, if one so chooses to sit next to me to yell in my direction black women should cease to exist; I am mentally processing those individuals intentions and choice of actions. If one intentionally makes remarks towards another person because they disagree with how they live or what they look like; where is the common sense to leave individuals alone. Racial conversations are also high in regards to colonialism.

Colonialism is the very dark reason my family has come to exist. Colonialism altered the world in ways words lack to express. It moved sold tribes to countries not of their origin for ownership and free labor; and disposed freely. This is the America Gambino spoke about. Tensions are high and everyone are looking for allies. It’s the explosion people have been waiting for; a long time. Major social media platform users utilizing the tools needed to fight or fight back.

I watch the anger rise and rise but I want to hear ideas that produce competent solutions to a world screaming in rage and pain; that rings truth that this physical realm probably is the City of Dis. I spoke recently to a very good friend of mine that the introduction of mandatory mental health classes at a young age can reap benefits. The introduction to psychological first aid to 6th graders, 8th grade, high school and college. It is too late for our generation. However, individuals aware of psychological devastations to trauma and generations of individuals tending to each other’s PTSD from home abuse, systemic racism, discrimination, natural disasters and more. Influence the masses with thought and capability to recognize psychological impairment. Critical Race Theory would be easier to comprehend as a complimentary dish. Psychology requires comprehension of others. The idea is not fool proof but rather an introduction to thinkers by the masses. My hope is perhaps with a generation of thinkers I could walk down the street without being approached by individual who needs to label or de-label me to fit their traumatic assumptions.



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