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Parliament fails to vote down Luciferian NWO global agenda

Calls for Gaza ceasefire defeated in Westminster

By Steve HarrisonPublished 17 days ago 6 min read

Sometimes there are reasons to be proud to be British, sadly yesterday was not one of them... with the motion calling for an immediate ceasefire to Israel's genocidal ethnic cleansing of Gaza defeated by 293 votes to 125 in Parliament.

Really the breakdown of the vote is irrelevant as our government is now standing shoulder to shoulder with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's purge of Palestine... certainly not a moment to be proud of our heritage.

It’s hard to believe that globally we are governed by Luciferians… but yesterday’s vote was a clear indication that in Britain we are and they’re staunchly supporting their Israeli brethren in Jerusalem. It’s a true coven of pure evil.

The question is though, how do you rid the world of a Satanic cult that’s shaped our destiny for centuries, without stooping to their level of depravity? There’s virtually nothing that can be done.

But surely we can at least come together and say the UK’s Conservative government does not represent our wishes and must step down immediately. Current polls put Labour ahead by about 30 points, but sadly they have a leader who’s one of the country’s biggest Israel apologists, who told his party’s frontbenchers that supporting the motion for an immediate ceasefire would result in them being sacked.

Seems to me this is a clear indication of where his loyalties sit… on the front bench of the Luciferian cabal that dictates the international agenda and, I believe, is steering the planet on a course for another global conflict. And, there’s nothing more scary than that, with underground missile silos still primed and ready to go into action at the flick of a switch.

As of 2016, all five of the nations with permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council – China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States – made no secret that they operated long-range intercontinental ballistic missile systems. But they are not the only ones with India, Pakistan and North Korea also declaring possession of them.

Then there’s Israel, which has also made it known it has a nuclear capability. And, surely, you’d have to agree they couldn’t be in safer hands! Of course, Netanyahu’s Palestine-hating minions would never entertain the thought of using them, they just get off on bombing civilian targets, such as hospitals and schools, and slaughtering innocent children.

But come on, seriously, would anyone really doubt Israel’s willingness to use them?

So back to yesterday’s vote in Westminster, where eight Labour frontbenchers were not intimidated by Keir Starmer’s flagrant appeasement of Israel’s killing spree in Gaza and had the courage to stand up for humanity.

It doesn’t really bring much solace, but Jess Phillips, Afzal Khan, Yasmin Qureshi and Paula Barker quitting their frontbench roles after voting for an immediate ceasefire does offer some comfort.

Reports in today’s papers saw it as a major rebellion in Labour ranks, with 56 MPs voting for the ceasefire calls, tabled by the Scottish National party, with Rachel Hopkins, Sarah Owen, Naz Shah and Andy Slaughter sacked by the Labour leader after the vote.

Incredibly Starmer pronounced his regret following the debate that party colleagues had not backed his position. Personally, I applaud them for their integrity!

“Alongside leaders around the world, I have called throughout for adherence to international law, for humanitarian pauses to allow access for aid, food, water, utilities and medicine, and have expressed our concerns at the scale of civilian casualties,” Starmer said, adding: “Leadership is about doing the right thing. That is the least the public deserves. And the least that leadership demands.” Hmm, his actions condemned by his own words!

The Labour leader sought to avert a rebellion with a separate amendment criticising Israel’s genocide but stopping short of calling for a ceasefire and instructed members to abstain on the SNP motion. However, a significant number chose to vote for both amid anger about Starmer’s handling of the crisis.

After the vote Shah told reporters “we have to make our positions clear” adding that it was her duty to use her platform to try to convince people to do the right thing.

“I’m not alone in calling for a ceasefire,” she told Sky News. “My inbox has thousands of emails about a ceasefire. This is an issue that the British public feel strongly about. At some point there will be a ceasefire. Had we called for a ceasefire yesterday, 144 children might still be alive. A child dies every 10 minutes.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was surprisingly quiet on the outcome of the vote, having shown very little inclination whatsoever to condemn Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinian children.

He was more hyped up about pushing through emergency legislation to resurrect his party’s plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, after news came out yesterday that the Supreme Court had ruled it was unlawful.

Now, what a convenient time for that to be made public, just when Parliament was voting on whether to make a humanitarian cry for the Israeli terror campaign in Gaza to stop. What a coincidence!

And yes, he found plenty of opportunity to talk about Rwanda. During a feisty press conference yesterday afternoon, speedily arranged after the five Supreme Court judges rejected the Tory initiative, Sunak said he’d bring in legislation to end the “merry-go-round” of legal challenges and set in law that the east African country is a safe haven for asylum seekers to be sent to. “I am prepared to do what is necessary to get flights off,” he said. “I will not take the easy way out.”

The Supreme Court judges unanimously agreed with the Court of Appeal that a real risk existed of asylum claims being wrongly determined in Rwanda, resulting in people being returned to their country of origin and facing persecution.

But, with true Luciferian zeal, Sunak once again displayed as little regard for the safety of asylum seekers as he does for the slaughter of innocent children in Gaza at the hands of Israel.

Sunak was not able to say when legislation might be introduced but that wasn’t really the purpose of all the filibuster now was it? That likely had more to do with it being a good day to bury a damning disregard for humanity. Not that shunting off asylum seekers to Rwanda is something to be proud of, but nevertheless a move calculated to cause less offence than condoning terror tactics from a Satanic ally in the Middle East.

I simply cannot understand this total disregard for human suffering and this government, Sunak and Starmer certainly don’t seem to have an ounce of conscience in their hearts. But, I must say, they do show a remarkable aptitude for pushing through the globalist Luciferian agenda!

It may come as comfort to some people though to know that the Lucis Trust is there in the background to make sure these nefarious conspirators are kept from having too great an influence on global affairs.

It’s website states how proud it is to have consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and that World Goodwill is recognised by the Department of Global Communications at the United Nations as a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

“As such the trust and World Goodwill are part of a community of many hundreds of NGOs that play an active role in the United Nations, particularly in spreading information about the UN and fostering support for UN programmes,” the website states. “Since their inception Lucis Trust and World Goodwill have given their support through meditation, educational materials and seminars, by highlighting the importance of the UN's goals and activities as they represent the voice of the peoples and nations of the world.”

It’s nice to know that the UN, with such a powerful humanitarian shoulder to lean on, is there to stand up for humanity even if it’s most influential members do not. We’re so lucky to have the Lucis Trust!

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