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Do Blair and Cameron have right stuff to stop the Gaza genocide?

Sunak and Israel in danger of repeating past mistakes

By Steve HarrisonPublished 19 days ago 6 min read

Yesterday proved to be another bizarre day in British political life, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak cutting the umbilical cord with fire-breathing Home Secretary Suella Braverman, whose venomous rhetoric about “hate marches” across the country in protest against Israeli genocide in Gaza had gone down like a lead balloon, and ordaining a shock resurrection for one former PM, with the possibility of a second coming for another.

David Cameron, who stepped down from the post in 2016 after Theresa May was sworn in following the Brexit referendum, in which he’d sat on the remain couch, returned to the limelight in Sunak’s Cabinet reshuffle to bolster his floundering pussyfooting in the face of the Israeli state slaughter of Palestinian children.

But Cameron’s shock return to frontline politics did not deflect criticism of Sunak, with Andrea Jenkyns submitting a letter of no confidence in him to Graham Brady, chair of the Conservative 1922 Committee.

“If it wasn’t bad enough that we have a party leader that the party members rejected, the polls demonstrate that the public reject him, and I am in full agreement,” said Jenkyns, a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. “It is time for Rishi Sunak to go.”

Freshly-baptised as Lord Cameron, the new Foreign Secretary vowed to be “part of the strongest possible team” for the next election, although Jenkyns disagreed, expressing her view that forcing Boris Johnson out of No 10 had been “unforgivable enough” but Sunak’s decision to purge “the centre-right from his Cabinet and then sack Suella, who was the only person in the Cabinet with the balls to speak the truth of the appalling state of our streets and a two-tier policing system that leaves the Jewish community in fear for their lives and safety” was simply too much.

So an Israel-apologist, who spouts vitriolic hate at humanitarian crusaders calling for an end to the slaughter of children and innocent civilians in Gaza, is mentioned in the same breath that refers to the “centre-right” of the party! God forbid, what must the extreme right be pushing for?

But seven years after stepping down after his Brexit referendum loss of face, Cameron is now back in the spotlight as one of the most powerful figures in UK politics to add his weight to the Israel lobby to justify state terror in the Middle East, while Jenkyns slipped the torment of the UK’s Jewish community into sound bites to echo Braverman’s campaign to crack down on protest, the real goal of this charade… whatever the nature of it.

Sunak insisted his Cabinet shake-up had “built a united team ready to deliver the changes this country needs for the long term”. “Professionalism, integrity and experience – this is a team that will be bold in making the right decisions for our great country, not the easy ones,” he said.

What do I read into that? Frankly, no let up in the failure to condemn Israeli war crimes!

William Hague, baron of Richmond and a supporter of Cameron’s return to government, said his “renewed prominence” was a “reminder that the Cabinet in which he will be sitting is mainstream and centre-right”. Yeah, yeah… and pigs can fly too!

Anyway, que sera, sera… except it’s even scarier away from Westminster where the pantomime continued with talk of Tony “There Be Weapons There” Blair being touted as Israel’s “carnage negotiator”.

Apparently Blair ― who served as PM from 1997 to 2007 after taking over the Labour Party helm in 1994 ― has let it be known he is available if needed to help in an effort to end the growing crisis in Israel and Palestine.

What a great comfort to know that Klaus Schwab’s little World Economic Forum lap dog is waiting in the wings to ramp up the New World Order globalist agenda. Although Blair’s office has denied a report in the Israeli press that he has already been offered a specific role.

The former PM ― who swore there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to help justify the protracted armed conflict there from 2003-11 by the US-led coalition that overthrew Saddam Hussein… but never found any “nukes” ― maintains an office in Israel and has built up extensive contacts in the Middle East since leaving the British premiership in 2007, even working as a special envoy for the Madrid Quartet.

Established in the Spanish capital in 2002 as a result of escalating tensions in the Middle East, the Quartet comprises the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia. In 2002 it established the Office of the Quartet in East Jerusalem to take "tangible steps on the ground to advance the Palestinian economy and preserve the possibility of a two-state solution” with Blair as its figurehead until his resignation in 2015. The current head is John Clarke, a senior UN official.

Blair was appointed Quartet envoy immediately after leaving No 10 with a mandate to boost humanitarian aid, strengthen the Palestinian economy and bolster governance in the occupied territories, including the Palestinian Authority.

So a role for Blair would almost certainly be endorsed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu given his work behind the scenes in “encouraging Hamas to change its stance towards Israel” and his implacable opposition to the “direction of the Iranian leadership”.

Blair admitted to journalist Donald Macintyre in 2017 that he regretted the West’s decision not to engage with Hamas after it won elections in the Palestinian territories in 2006, leaving it largely ostracised and short of political, as opposed to military, options. He said in retrospect the West should have tried to develop dialogue with Hamas.

But, I contend, Hamas was established as an Israeli counterweight to the Palestine Liberation Organisation, which was showing far too much interest in negotiation. And, since its contrived victory in 2006, it has been kept in office by Israel’s refusal to sanction further elections. So, has Blair been a conduit between the two sides all along, balancing the ball in this horrendous charade?

“As you know, Mr Blair has an office in Israel and has continued to work on issues regarding Israel and the Palestinians,” a spokesperson for Blair said. “He is obviously discussing the situation with a number of people in the region and elsewhere to see what can be done. But there is no ‘role’ offered or taken.”

I think it’s safe to say a role is likely to be found for him... God help those poor children and civilians in Gaza then!

Tomorrow there is a vote in Parliament on whether the UK government should heed calls for an immediate ceasefire or condone Israel’s ethnic cleansing. It will be interesting to see if Cameron is called to speak on the matter and, if so, to hear what he has to say.

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