One Side Fits All

A Rubik's Cube of Parties

One Side Fits All

Throughout history we see in writings, great men and women who have contributed to the political landscape. Intertwined in this greatness of ideologies is woven a tapestry of factions. There have been Aristocrats, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents and Whigs, to name the predominant ones. Yet, even when the politico took office and influenced the wrong outcomes for our nation, they were a part of, or creators of, a policy or legislation that would benefit us all.

Abraham Lincoln was considered a depressed, despotic for declaring martial law that has since not been repealed. Contrarily, he is the author and orator that brought an end to slavery (some contest heavily that the war was not about slavery but influence and power). Theodore Roosevelt led us into an appreciation for preservation, thereby creating the National Parks and Recreation Centers that we have today; at the same time, many see him as a racist who allowed unjust compensation to take place when purchasing the Panama Canal. Franklin D. Roosevelt was well known for spurring the win of World War II and bringing us out of a "Great Depression". Contrariwise, he further cranked the money-making war machine and deprived the citizenry of the very right to have gold as a standard to relinquishing debt. Harry S. Truman could barely see and never attended college. Additionally, he was looked down upon by some peers due to four civil rights executive orders. Still, he could see well enough to make the decision that dropped the Atomic bombs, to end World War II officially, help to rebuild Europe and Japan, create NATO, the CIA, and NSC while getting recognition for the State of Israel. He was considered to be one of the best presidents in U.S. history, especially for the Truman Commission that investigated fraud in defense contracts and saved the U.S. millions of dollars. Dwight D. Eisenhower spurred momentum for equality by signing and supporting the Civil Rights Act of 1957, put a foot on the neck of Fidel Castro by invading Cuba, and helped create the Interstate Highway System. Moreover, he expanded Social Security while encouraging the cease fire of the Korean War. And yet, he was known for deflecting important issues, not taking accountability in minute areas, and was considered the "do nothing" President. John F. Kennedy is a man well known for his executive orders to regain freedom and independence of the American people, all people. Out of many pros and cons, he had two downfalls: the desire to break the status quo and Marilyn Monroe.

So, as we progress along, we notice each Chief Executive of the United States has had ups and downs. Recently, in the past eight (8) years, the landscape has made a paradigm shift starting with Barack Obama. He influenced the creation of the first national healthcare act: the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Yet, his foreign policy was weak and the socialist ideology was damaging and curtailed the economy. Currently, we have Donald J. Trump who is blunt and aggressive in his tactics but had five (5) businesses go bankrupt. Reflectively, it seems to be a One Side Fits All situation. He has the drive and backbone the American people need, most of the resources, skills, and clout available to create victory in important areas of interest: economic stability, equally fair trade, health-care, and military strength, with the power of confident speech behind it all. Interestingly, and contrarily, he blows smoke on hot topics like foreign influences, at times is too chauvinistic, and has missed delivering the defeat of a great world threat: ISIS (of which Barack Obama funded and created with U.S. resources).

In conclusion, after taking into consideration the impact history has made with our former presidents, mind you all are from different political parties and diverse backgrounds, and that in terms of our parents calling us "nothing like their time", we have a good opportunity to band together behind a loud-mouthed, over confident businessman, and be a One Side Fits All nation.

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