No Cops, No KKK!

by Bradley Perry 2 years ago in opinion

This has to stop now!

No Cops, No KKK!

Over the last few weeks, we have seen the absolute worst in humanity! We have seen the racism, bigotry, intolerance, ignorance, and just plain stupidity that runs rampant in our society and let me be clear, THERE IS NO PLACE FOR IT IN THIS COUNTRY!! That being said, there is a disconnect in the country that has been set up by the ruling class. Ladies and gentlemen, if you really think the politicians on the Hill have any concern for you or your families and friends then you need to wake up! All they want is control and the best way for them to keep the control, is to have you fighting with each other and looking the other way.

There has a lot of talk about who is to blame and who started what. The simple truth of the matter is the President was right. BOTH sides were responsible and that fact will not change. There is a lot of healing that needs to take place in this country, but first we must look at ourselves and realize the truth. That truth is there were permits issued, and there were parties that didn't have the legal authority to be there. That can not be overlooked.

Regardless of how reprehensible you find the White Socialist Party, or the KKK, they had legal permits to be there. Antifa and Black Lives Matter did not. Now before everyone starts comparing me to Hitler and calling every racist name under the sun, stop and think about the law! According to the law, the counter protesters did not have a legal authority to be there in the first place.

Unfortunately we have reached a place in our nation's history, when we have to look back at everything that has happened, and decide where we will go from here. I can assure you that the KKK blaming the black population, the black population blaming the KKK, and both groups blaming the cops will not bring anyone together. It only further divides us and causes more grief and misunderstanding among the masses. If we are to heal we must first stop finding blame, and find the truth. The truth is neither group that was present in Charlottesville was in the right.

Now we have groups saying the cops are no different than the KKK, regardless of their race, creed, or religion. This is just nonsense and it can not be allowed to continue! Under the last administration, police and first responders were demonized for doing their jobs and trying to make a difference, when no one else will. The truth of the matter is blaming anyone other than the guilty parties will get no one any further and will only ensure the police and other first responders leave you there to handle your own problems.

Wile I agree we need to do some soul searching as a country, it would appear that the ones who need to be careful what they say and do are held up as victims. Now I am a white male, I am a former police department, and I am from the south. I need someone to explain to me why I am personally responsible for the misgivings that happened over 150 years ago? I know what people will say, you're a white man from the south, and your family had slaves so you need to make for their misgivings. Here's my history, and many southerners history for that matter. My family is from Scotland and Ireland, and they immigrated here at the turn of the twentieth century. The potato famine drove them here, and they chose to settle in the mountains of North Carolina. I have no relatives or forefathers that were involved in American slavery in any way, shape, or form!

I go over this history because my whole life, I have been compared to ancestors that were assumed to have been here, but in fact were nowhere near the south during slavery. My ancestors were slaves themselves for the British! Am I entitled to the same thing the ancestors of slaves here are? Of course not that's absurd and so is the premise that ancestors here in the USA are entitled to them! We need to remember the history of this country and work to prevent from happening again. I know this a provocative statement, but it is true. History is just that, it's history meaning it happened in the past. It is there to serve a reminder and to teach.

This brings me to the statues that are being removed. Ladies and gentlemen, the statues are not insulting and they pose no threat to people. They are objects that are sitting there to remind us of a time in history that we don not want to repeat. A statue of Robert E. Lee is not going to hurt anyone and it is not going to come to life and start trying to bring the confederacy back! We have all heard the phrase, if you do not learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it. Do people really understand what this means? If we erase our entire history because people claim to be intimidated or hurt or insulted by history, then is the problem with the statue of the name of a street or building, or is the problem an entire generation that is to lazy to do research and homework to understand what was really going on in the nineteenth century?

The civil war was not fought over slavery, it was called the war of northern aggression. It was called this because the north claimed moral superiority over the south, and wanted to try to tell them how to run their economy. Yes this did also involve slaves, but it had about one percent to do with the war! It was a war fought over economics, not race or slavery or the rights of one race over another. If the confederate flag is so racist and insulting, why are there record numbers of black individuals defending it?

If we go around changing history because it is inconvenient or insulting to us, where does the line get drawn? Are you aware that Robert E. Lee's farm and plantation in Virginia was called Arlington Plantation? The federal government wanted to honor him for his service and for the service of the people that fought and died in the war, regardless of the side they fought on, so they deemed his land as Arlington National Cemetery after he died and was buried there. Are we to exhume every single body, and a few presidents that were buried there and move them?

Does removing statues and renaming buildings and roads, or removing monuments mean that those people never existed, or make the history change? Of course not, but it does mean that people that are too sensitive to study history and understand will be happy, at least until they find another reason to be insulted or triggered about something they really don't understand. It will also teach future generations all they have to do is complain enough and be violent enough, and they will get what they want, and I think we can all agree that is not what we want.

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Bradley Perry

Bradley Perry is a retired police officer in the state of NC. He is the owner of Preparedness and Security Professionals, PSP, and he has a degree in Criminology and Emergency Management from Western Carolina University. He is also a CPed.

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