Media and Leftist Bias is Out of Hand

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Media and Leftist Bias is Out of Hand

With everything happening in the news today, it's no wonder that everyone is upset with politicians in general. They don't do a thing they say they will, and they seemingly lie 24/7! There seems to be massive unrest in the ranks when it comes to Donald Trump. The question is why? Why is everyone up in arms about the President of the United States? Why are people comparing him to Richard Nixon and Hitler! Hitler for God sakes! The answer is really quite simple: bias and unfair political and media practices combined with most Americans being unable to think for themselves.

Imagine you are someone who happens to be very well off and outspoken. Now imagine you have watched as the last seven administrations have left this country in total disarray, and the house and senate have done nothing to fix the issue. All anyone in Washington, D.C. ever does is play partisan politics and do nothing to advance the concerns, ideals, and beliefs of their constituents. Would you want to make a difference? Would you want to try to make a change and see if it takes someone with a new set of eyes?

You go through the process and get placed on the ballot, and you go on to win your party's primaries, and officially become a candidate for President. Before the ballots are even dry and filed, people start calling you illegitimate and a fake president because they didn't want you to win. That is the life that our current President finds himself living in. He can do no right and everything he does is littered with wrong doing all because people are too busy believing the career politicians and the media. You've not been given a chance to prove yourself, all you've been able to do is defend yourself and try to prove the outrageous accusations against you wrong.

Every time I turn on the news, I see things about President Trump that are, quite frankly, too sensational to believe. He has meetings with foreign leaders to collude on stealing an entire election. He has chosen a cabinet that will only work to line their own pockets. Has everyone forgotten about what Hillary Clinton has done, in the name of politics? SHE sold uranium to the Russians, SHE promised foreign leaders things they would get when she won. Has anyone really opened their eyes to see how painfully obvious it is that she and the DNC stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders?

What's worse, people have been using the fact that they don't like Trump to incite violence, on his supporters, and that is apparently OK. The man is simply trying to make the country that once stood as a bastion in the world to be that way again. Our own politicians have turned this country into a laughing stock, choosing to do what is best for them, and to hell with the citizens of the country! It is not partisan in nature either. It's not a right or left thing, or a Democrat or Republican thing. It's a crook and innocent people thing!

Both parties claim to have what is best for their constituents in mind but at the end of the day, who benefits the most from what happens in Washington? The people that are making the rules in Washington. Along comes President Trump who seems to genuinely want to change things. The main stream media and the career politicians can only think of themselves and they try to destroy a man and his family.

Again, imagine you are Donald Trump for just one minute. You understand you are not liked and you are thick skinned enough to deal with it. Your family though? See your family should be off limits, in fact in every other administration and campaign, it was stated multiple times, leave the families alone. Now that you are there, and you're a very successful business man who has no problems speaking your mind, you are probably the most hated man in the history of politics in this country. Your wife is being attacked, your youngest son is being attacked, and he's still a child! Your daughter and your sons are being attacked, for what, their association with you?

How would you feel if your family was being attacked, or if your father was the one being threatened and told he will be impeached? Investigations into every single aspect of you and your family's lives are now under way and all you wanted to do was make this country a better place to live and work in. How would you feel if you were someone who honestly wanted to make this country a better place, and then by default the world will follow, but all you ever hear is how crooked you are or how your cabinet is just trying to work against you and is leaking all of your conversations and dealings out?

Why don't we honestly give the President a chance? If he is successful, we are all successful, right? I am not a proponent of either party, believe me, I hate both of them, but I am willing to give them a chance when I see genuine concern and an urge to make that change. I can tell you this, someone who destroys over 33,000 emails and wipes her server clean all in an attempt to keep her dealings secret can't be the answer to fixing this country. Everyone is now trying to prove that President Trump and his family have somehow benefitted financially from his dealings in the election and Russia. Didn't Hillary Clinton receive money in return for uranium to Russia? Hasn't she made money on the tragedy that was the earthquake in Haiti? I'm sure you've all heard of the conspiracy of the Clinton body count, and they are just that until it is proven, RUMORS! But when it is about Trump or anyone else out there that the establishment thinks are unworthy, then it is a crime and must be proven guilty at all costs, even if it rips this country apart, and that is exactly what will happen if they are able to successfully impeach and remove Trump from the White House.

Whether you like it or not he is the President and he should be given the chance to serve and prove himself, shouldn't he? Isn't that what we were told when Obama won? There were many people that were unhappy with his election for various reasons, but he wasn't shamed and he wasn't threatened with impeachment, and he did a lot of things that went against our country's national interests. I'm not expecting you to not be skeptical of anything that happens in Washington, lord knows you should, I'm simply saying think for yourselves and don't assume that a press that is funded by the government won't lie to you and try to deceive you. Use your own head and make up your own mind. Most rational people do.

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Bradley Perry
Bradley Perry
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Bradley Perry

Bradley Perry is a retired police officer in the state of NC. He is the owner of Preparedness and Security Professionals, PSP, and he has a degree in Criminology and Emergency Management from Western Carolina University. He is also a CPed.

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