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Get a Job

America: Love it or Leave it

By V. H. EberlePublished about a month ago 4 min read
Get a Job
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Someone posted "It's just that simple: Get a Job" the other day.

It really stuck with me.

It got me thinking of Capitalism in a slightly different light and I realized the true thing that is most reprehensible about Capitalism is what it does to people.

It pits people against one another and promotes competition among all with people believing it brings out the best in them--if someone is left behind that doesn't bring out the best in anyone it just promotes the temple of yourself versus all. It pits man against woman, one race against another, child against parents, sibling against sibling--Cain and Abel were in competition with one another to please God imagine what could have happened if they had worked to help one another with that goal.

It divides us in all imaginable ways which allows us to be easily conquered.

But at the same time there is a duality where people are brought together to help fulfill the focus of the capitalists. In return people are rewarded to fulfill their selfish needs and wants.

But at the same time though they may be on the same team they are still pitted against one another to win the favor of the one who signs their paychecks.

The capitalists needs that commitment to the focus of the capitalists. They crave that undying loyalty to their vision but in no way desire their employees to have the same undying loyalty to one another--it could spell a lot of problems for the Capitalist. Divided the Capitalist has the upper hand. If the employees unite they could present a formidable front.

This goes on the national level as well. When our nation was founded our Founding Parents envisioned a nation where the average person was participating and in charge.

Where a person had the ability to develop their own way and in the process add to the overall wealth of the nation.

Biggest indicator of this is the formation and power of Congress. A large forum for the bringing together of ideas and bouncing them around to find the best idea or build an even better idea for the benefit of the entire nation.

It was an incubator of sorts for ideas for a nation which was constantly moving forward. Where nothing was set in stone but was constantly being looked at to see how it could be improved for all.

However there were forces who saw the United States as a land wealthy in natural resources and thought that it should be controlled by a new ruling class instead of being ruled by the common person.

You see there is a problem with a nation where the people are in control. With 340,000,000 people doing their own thing with a focus on to improvement of all within the nation because they are united and not divided would release a massive amount of potential.

One of the potentials is that it could set a dangerous example for citizens or subjects of other nations.

Federalist, Whigs, Republicans and many others desired to see the nation with a strong central government closely aligned with our old enemy, Britain, and the resources being directed by a ruling class.

In 1865, they took the nation after a vicious war to get their way.

Resources were basically given to their rich buddies.

People were restricted by oppressive ideas under laws such as the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 which was a Federalist Act to protect the goals of the Federalists. There was also the enforcement of the Conspiracy Doctrine which is a vague concept which allows a lot of freedom to crush people.

Many labor wars sparked up across the nation which resulted in eliminating Americans and producing employees.

Patriotic symbols where used heavily to promote unity to a concept which no longer existed.

It was found that in Congress it was no longer necessary to work ideas out--you just had to have the numbers in Congress to force your agenda on all others.

When I see a statement such as If you don't like this nation then leave, it is not about patriotism to the United States but to the Oligarchy or Plutocratic dictatorship.

Americans are about moving forward and developing ideas for a better nation for all. It is about not leaving anyone behind but working it out so we can all benefit which means facing the tough questions and striving to find the solution and then improve on that solution as we are able; as we develop and grow and gain understanding.

When a person says, "It's just that simple, get a job."

What they are saying is that they are divided and pitted against others. That they see themselves as better than others. That they cling to the easy answers which spares them the pain of trying to understand. Yet, to understand would give them remarkable potential.

It is a person who is trying to identify with the person who signs their paycheck.

When in reality they have far more in common with the person they are looking down on or who is trying to cross the border.

To make it in Capitalism it is easy just think of yourself.

But when you think about it the costs to you would be immense and you would not even begin to realize it.

Imagine what could be gained by working with others so you all can move together across the finish line with no one left behind.

America to me is not a flag, a symbol it is people coming together, learning from one another, discovering, growing, and in the process releasing potential as we all move forward.


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V. H. Eberle

I have been a student of human nature since I can remember. I hope that you feel free to explore my findings in these short stories and articles. Perhaps you will learn far more about yourself and others.

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