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Double Dose of Impeachment

The Historic Vote Lead by House Democrats to Impeach Donald Trump for a Second Time

Double Dose of Impeachment
Terrorists Breakthrough the Doors and Storm the U.S. Capitol

This morning, 9am eastern time, the U.S. House of Representatives convened to begin a vote to impeach Donald J. Trump for inciting the violence that unfolded in front of the world last Wednesday. Those who support the president engaged in seditious activities as the mob of domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol and endangered the hundreds of lives in the building. Reports show that the mob had access to nearly every room in the Capitol after all members of Congress were evacuated to secure unmarked locations. Before the congress people were able to evacuate, the terrorists were already inside the building which resulted in the Secret Service barricading the doors to the chamber of the House with their guns drawn. The terrorists made it into both cambers of Congress to continue to damage and even broke into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office to leave a threatening message. In addition to the terrorists, a pipe bomb was found inside the Capitol along with similar ones found at the RNC and DNC headquarters. A total of 61 arrests have been made with about half of those occurring on Capitol grounds last Wednesday, however most of the charges are not directly related to the attempted coup.

The president still had not conceded the election and nor has he showed empathy, remorse or regret for the violence and terror that descended upon the capital which took the lives of five people, including a capitol police officer. It is absolutely mind-bogglingly that the sitting U.S. president instigated a terrorist attack on the members of Congress and the Vice President because he cannot accept the fact he has lost the election. To further that point, the fact that the foundations of our democracy and country had to be put at risk for Republicans to seriously reconsider their public support for the president is a gross incompetence of leadership and respect for our Constitution.

To make it clear, every single person that was involved in these events last week should be prosecuted by a court of law, to send a message that America will not tolerate this kind of violence, especially in a building so sacred to American government like the Capitol.

Democrats in the House are moving with unprecedented speed to impeach this president by sundown today in order to officially begin the legal process to make Donald Trump pay for his crimes and actions. No other president in U.S. history will have been impeached twice other than Trump. Republicans, unlike Trump's first impeachment trial, are signaling that they will break ranks and side with House Democrats to impeach Trump. Things still remain unclear on the Senate Republican side, however there are sources claiming that majority leader Mitch McConnell is furious with the president and would be open to considering impeachment. If McConnell agrees, it would be the first time a president has been tried after his term has expired since the January 20th inauguration is too close to complete the trial in the Senate.

Additionally, what makes this impeachment even more momentous than the last is that lawmakers in the Senate have the opportunity to introduce and sign a resolution that would bar Donald Trump from ever holding public office again as rumors are thrown around about Trump making a 2024 presidential run. Republicans may be intrigued by this idea as they consider the damage Donald Trump has done to the party and other Republicans like Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), and former U.N. Ambassador Niki Haley look to make a 2024 presidential run. Furthermore, if Trump is convicted in the Senate, he will lose his 200k pension, $1 million yearly travel stipend, and full Secret Service protection detail.

Donald Trump has ignored the oath of his office, and can obviously no longer discharge the duties of the president; therefore the president should be removed from his post and the longer his tenure continues there will be a dangerous threat to our democracy. This man who knowingly perpetuated and commanded his supporters to engage in seditious activities simply cannot have the access to the resources of the presidency, and cannot stand to manipulate more people to believe his lies as they are poisonous to our country and continue to divide us further.

Donald Trump's day of reckoning has come.

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