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Colleges and Universities Should Prepare for a Possible Trump Win

Trump vs. Biden

By Ferrari KingPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Before I begin I want to state I in no way endorse Trump but I do believe he will win the 2024 election. When Trump won in 2016 college students were crying, holding stuffed animals, hiding under desks and their beds and throwing a tantrum. They may not go as far as the MAGA people did on January 6 but who knows. I will give some ways I hope colleges and Universities are preparing.

As you know Biden is suffering from a failed memory and probable dementia brought on by old age. Now Trump isn't better and in fact Trump's screw up during his Presidency and after due to his bad memory and poor education can even be funny. The problem is that Biden's people do not sell him. They rarely glorify his accomplishments. Can you really name any Biden accomplishments without looking it up? When Biden fails at something the right capitalizes on it and makes sure to run it on their media and social media constantly. The right completely covers up Trumps mistakes and they are willing to ignore even the most hateful, nasty things he does. Biden's people should have the media and social media constantly talking about Biden and makes sure everyone knows about it. The shouldn't go as far as the MAGA crowd though and allow the most egregious behavior be ignored. That is another point, can you really name something sketchy that Biden as ever done? Yes, maybe a few but they do not compare to Trump and yet the right won't shut up about it so why isn't the liberal media and people as social media constantly reminding us of some of the craziest screw up from Trump? The liberals simply do not sell themselves well and this has always been the problem while the conservative are experts on selling their strong points and making their weak points look like virtues.

One of the biggest problems with the younger generation is that everyone gets participation trophy. We cannot say or do anything that will upset or offend someone and that has made many weak. We cannot blame them but we can blame the older generations for not holding the younger generations to the same standards. They should know you do not always win and you can't be good at everything. The older generation needs to allow teachers to do their jobs and teachers should make a lot more money. I am thinking six figures. This will attract better teachers since an education degree will become tougher to get since more people will want one. Imagine a country were education and knowledge is respected and admired instead of looked down upon. Imagine if teachers could be allowed to teach and they knew they had eh support of parents. School breakfast and lunches should also be free. With better education we would have better businesses, medical facilities, STEM jobs and much more. We would also get better people running for office as well. I am sure we would advance so much faster but sports is what people care about and I would like to see a football player advance medicine, run a country or get us to other solar systems. The younger generation also is also on many medications due to so many mental disorders, not to mention school shootings that really need to be taken more seriously. The pictures and names of school shooters should never be mentioned. This will all make it harder for college and University students to handle a Trump victory.

If Trump wins colleges and Universities need to be prepared. They will need councilors, coloring books and toys like they had last time as well as stuffed animals. I am sure classes will be cancelled for them. These colleges and Universities should be prepared for massive protests as whites, and males are going to be blamed for everything as usual. Now, if these colleges and Universities had a backbone they would tell the students to deal with it, get back to class or fail. It is their right to protest but if these colleges and Universities had a backbone they would tell the students that protesting inside buildings, blocking access to buildings and blaming men or whites will not be tolerated and could result in expulsion.

I truly wish we had better choices than Biden or Trump. I hope you enjoyed reading this.


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Ferrari King

I am Ferrari King and I enjoy writing short stories and playing games, BS in Molecular Biology. My other hobbies are working out, MMA and reading. Here is my wonderful LinkTree you should check for all links:

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