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A New Communist Country

by Jamie Greenwood 4 years ago in politics
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Freedoms Being Lost in Canada

Seagulls squawking for freedom.

Canada: The Land of the Politically Correct

As the seagulls begin squawking for freedom and the beavers begin to thump their tails in warning, the people of Canada are receiving a taste of Communism.

This isn't Communism in the ways that have been read about in the History Books. The Berlin Wall isn't being raised between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, nor is the Holocaust being reinvented.

In no way shape or form, should we take for granted the events that surrounded World War II, but much like those events, Communism started small. Even Germany was a democratic country before it turned into a one-party dictatorship.

Will Canada reach that point? I doubt it, but at the same time to stop the loss of freedom, we need more than the squawking of seagulls.

We need the people of Canada to stand up for its own rights and freedoms that are slowly eroding due to the current majority of the federal liberal party. Also, to see what the seagulls and the beavers are seeing we need to go back to October of 2016.

It was in October that former Minister of Status of Women, Patty Hajdu said the government would give money to organizations with views that differ from the liberal government, so long as they are all pro-abortion.

Then in February 2017, the federal government announced a pilot project where civil servants would be required to take a gender equality test. Nobody is really aware of the consequences of this test, but it is becoming harder for a civil servant to hold to the traditional views of gender.

Moving forward to October of 2017, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, helped opened the National Holocaust Monument with a plaque that failed to mention Jewish people. The federal government has since apologized, but the opposition party and many have not forgotten.

The next month, the Governor General, Julie Payette, made comments against people of faith and mocked people for believing in horoscopes, alternative medicine, divine intervention, and for not believing in climate change.

At the end of 2017, the federal government announced plans to make employers applying for the Canada Summer Jobs Program to sign an attestation that they support abortion and transgenderism before receiving the grant.

The list continues to move forward as the current government in Canada begins to ignore the very people that fought for our country. In a recent statement made by the Prime Minister, Canada is told the army vets are asking for more than the country is able to give them, but on the flip side the government had no shortage of money when it came to compensating a known terrorist.

Lastly, to add to the list, the national anthem was changed to be more gender inclusive and a woman was directly told by the Prime Minister that he would prefer if she used the word peoplekind instead of mankind.

Therefore, if you are a religious organization, a pro-life organization, a veteran, or someone who just believes in the idea that men and women should be equal, you need not apply for any help from the Canadian government, because you won't receive it.

In a strive to make everyone equal, the government has made it more difficult for the freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, and expression. The very freedoms that are currently covered in Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Religious organizations are being forced to no longer believe that human life begins at conception. Pro-life organizations are essentially being asked to close up shop.

Veterans are being told they are no longer a valuable part of our society and women are being told that their speech needs to be changed in order to be more gender inclusive.

Which leads to the question; has political correctness gone to far? I believe the answer is yes.

When political correctness, especially in a country that is a leader in multiculturalism, infringes on the rights of others, we need to step back and re-evaluate how correct is too correct?

So may we stand up for the freedom of equality. A freedom that says we are allowed to live the way we choose to live, as long as we are bringing no harm to anyone else.

A freedom that allows for gender inclusiveness regardless of beliefs and a freedom that allows for the right to choose an abortion regardless of the funding that is received by pro-life organizations.

Because it should not matter to the government what anyone believes. All should be treated fairly and equal, but much like the 1930s, when people were preoccupied with trying to make ends meet, today many seem to be preoccupied while a government infringes upon the rights of others.

Let us hope we do not see another one-party dictatorship and let us all be the voice of reason against this.


About the author

Jamie Greenwood

I am a proud first generation Canadian and I like to help people achieve their goals and aspirations. I serve with charitable organizations in my local community and have the opportunity to publicly speak on a wide variety of topics.

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