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This is a curated selection of the best exotic pet care guides.

Vocal Verified—Exotic Pets

We love cats and dogs. Yet as much as we do, they might not be the right pets for you. It may be because of allergies or time or space. Maybe you just love them at a distance, but can't imagine yourself living with a cat or dog.

Luckily, Earth is brimming with diverse creatures, and there's no doubt that one of them would make the perfect companion for you and your lifestyle. For you night owls, sugar gliders are a cute companion who will burn the midnight oil with you. If you're just looking for a scaly version of dogs, check out bearded dragons, the dogs of the reptile kingdom. Vocal's creators care for all these animals and more. That's why I've gathered some of the best guides for caring for exotic pets, so that people who do not want to go the traditional pet route don't feel like they have to go it alone.

Give them a read, leave your favorite stories a tip, or share some of your experiences with exotic pets as well.

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"Unlike more common small pets, sugar gliders will actively come to you for attention."—Azzyness E

"Most owners with a little work are able to hand-feed their Gliders and have their Gliders sit on their shoulders, hands, heads or arms, or jump off of them or land on them from a glide."—Charli Finch

"These animals (if acquired correctly) can be the most rewarding pets."—Maranda Carene

"How difficult are they to have as a pet? Well, from personal experience, I can answer with an affirmative 'extremely difficult'!"—Chloe Francis

"If you want a pet pig I say go for it because it's an unforgettable experience."—Star Daze

"By the age of 15 I was the youngest licensed falconer in Canadian history. I had got my own bird and his name was Alfie."—Elizabeth

"They will love you unconditionally and will pay you back with every feathered love that they possess."—Linda Blankenship

"They make friendly, sweet friends who if you gain their trust, are sure to make the best companions."—Melanie Castano

"They are remarkably intelligent birds with unique personalities that seemingly captivate the minds of their owners."—John Ford

"They are generally very friendly and if raised correctly can be trained to walk on leashes and make great companions."—Kristine ellis

"How different your betta can look and act with some changes will surprise you!"—Jillian A

"They're such a wonderful, entertaining pet and I guarantee you'll fall in love with them as quickly as I have."—Madii Cyn

"Also known as the Mexican 'walking fish,' they are not actual fish but are amphibians. This makes them very unique pets."—Tamara Iwanchyshyn

"This is the story of Willow the axolotl, the best pet I’ve ever had."—Jordyn Goolsby

"The amount of work you put in definitely pays off in the end."—Ellie Tierney

"Every day they make me laugh, and I get cute dragon cuddles when I'm stressing out over homework."—Taylor Shipley

"There's a reason why they're called 'dogs of the reptile kingdom.'"—Tracy Lawson

"If you are thinking about adopting or buying a Sulcata, here are some quick tips to make sure they stay healthy."—Nicholaus Mazzochi

"Having a pet snake has been nothing short of f**king awesome."—Marli Ehrlich

"As the proud owner of two ball pythons, I recommend getting a snake to anyone who is ready and willing to put in the time and effort for them."—Sage Fear

"Corn snakes are very friendly and make lovely pets."—Abby Grace

"They're at the top of the list for best beginner snake. This is due to their tolerance of handling and docile nature."—Briana Bayles

"Some people might think my pet is unusual or scary; many people don't like her."—Kaylee Anderson

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