How Do I Get Paid?

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There are several different ways.

There are three main tiers of earning money with Vocal:

1. Reads

Vocal rewards its users on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis; more commonly known as “reads.” The more reads your post receives, the more you are compensated. Therefore, the more you promote your post through our community, your social networks, friends and family, the more reads you'll have in your account. Once you accumulate $35 in your Vocal account, you can withdraw the money via Stripe (more below).

2. Tipping

Tipping allows your readers to pay you directly for your posts. These are micropayments that go straight into your Stripe account (we take out a small % for the transfer fee). This is a great way to raise money for a cause, your book, music, writing, and more!

Learn more about Tipping

3. Sales

Do you have a product or a video that you're interested in promoting? Embed your Amazon product, YouTube video, or Spotify link into our modules to drive your readers to purchase, watch, and listen.

All transactions are done through a third party banking application called Stripe - the most popular platform for online payments. We never have access to any of your financial information. Once you reach a minimum of $35 in your Vocal Dashboard, you can withdraw money at any time.

How Do You Guys Make Money?

We're a publicly traded company (OTCQB: JMDA), so we rely on a variety of methods to make money. One thing we don't do is muck up your beautiful content with pop-up ads or other stuff.

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