We Don't Need No Medication, Hey! Doctors, Leave Those Prescriptions Alone

by Britt Whiteman 2 years ago in anxiety

Natural Approach

We Don't Need No Medication, Hey! Doctors, Leave Those Prescriptions Alone

You're probably bored searching through stories or just stumbled upon this due to your interest in the topic.

I'm not writing this to bash doctors and I'm not fully against medication. I do however, believe there are natural remedies which do help cure illnesses and infection without the side effects and ingredients we can't even pronounce.

When I was a bit younger I took ibuprofen and similar medications due to awful lady cramps. The pain got so bad I was advised to try naproxen/ alive. I think that was my first negative experience with any type of medication. After an ulcer, I refused to take those medications again. Around that time I also developed severe anxiety due to an unfortunate incident. Doctors were quick to prescribe me anxiety medication. I was open-minded thinking it would help and it did when I took the pills, but it was short-lived. After only taking one pill for four days on instruction to only take as needed, my body started having withdrawals. I immediately stopped after another doctor told me they trick your mind basically into thinking you need it to be better.

So many symptoms I remember, but couldn't tell if it was my anxiety or the medication. I experienced my first panic attack with chest pains from bronchitis. I was put on antibiotics and then a few weeks later put on another round. The second round ended up being the "wrong" medication and a doctor at a walk-in clinic had said that medication was a pain killer not an antibiotic so it completely messed up my system.

With all the bad luck and doctors not listening, but instead insisting and handing out medication like candy, I decided I had enough and that I would make efforts to help heal myself.

Don't get all excited because let me tell you, my anxiety has been such a struggle, it takes mind body and soul to fight and it never fully goes away. I started to add things to my food.

Turmeric: turmeric is a miracle spice.

It helped cure my sinus infection and a thirst infection. When sick, I add this to my soup and it helps clear the mucus.

Coconut Oil:

I was so desperate I read religiously online, searching google for natural cures and remedies. It really educated me on natural approach. I started oil pulling. It made my teeth white and my gums and teeth feel healthier. It's said to bring toxins out of the body.

Essential Oils: Peppermint was good for headaches and pains

Lavender was so strong I nearly threw up my first time using a diffuser because I had used too much. It works though! Put some in the bath or on a pillow at night and it really helps to relax the body. Calmmmm.

Sleep: Not Just Extra Sleep

You need an actual good sleep where you're not up all nice tossing and turning. With anxiety it really is difficult but what works for me is the movement of the car. We can't all fall asleep on long drives though. The sound of a fan blowing or even sleep music may help. Sleep is how the body heals.

Healthy food and exercise... overrated.

No seriously, it makes you feel refreshed and less sugar is more energy.

Surround yourself with positive people. I can't stress this enough. You need people who support you and don't huff and puff when you're having a tough go.

My point is these strategies aren't always an option with doctors.. natural approach is never really pushed on patients as much as medication is. We need to educate on natural approach and stop filling the pockets of those whom benefit from prescriptions.

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