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Wander in the mind

She was always trapped

By Makenna BoltonPublished 2 months ago 6 min read
Wander in the mind
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Today I woke up rather early, 6am to be specific. I usually wake up around 9am, not too early, but just the right amount of time to start my morning before I feel it’s time for afternoon activities. But today I woke up at dusk, I didn’t want to move, I lied there awake and aware, hearing the sounds of my maids and servants at work outside my room. I had no job, I was an heiress, daughter of a wealthy businessman; my father was always traveling, and my mother was dead, so I was mainly on my own. I entertained myself in my home everyday, good thing it’s big too, or I’d be extremely bored. Especially since I never go outside, Im not allowed, but I’ve never known why. Perhaps it’s dangerous, maybe there are aliens, or it could be a plague. I don’t mind though, I have plenty to keep me occupied, anyways, today I was just lying on my bed, after an hour of being lost in my thoughts, I got up and went to the doors I went wandering around my house, grabbed a snack, and I heard the doorbell. I became so excited thinking it was my father, I ran to the door avoiding the maids so I could be unbothered; I pulled the door open, but stopped in my tracks when I saw nothing. Not one person stood there, I sunk my head in disappointment, and in my vision appeared a box: a small, beautiful, white box with rose gold flowers popping out of the sides. As weird as it was to find a random box at the foot of my door, I was curious and intrigued, so I took it. I snuck back to my room filled with excitement, admiring the box as I opened my door. Normally, one would ask the basic, “Who, what, where, why and how?” Yet, all I wanted to do was open it. I didn’t care where it came from, I wasn’t nervous about what lurks inside; I took a breath, and flung open the top. In the center was a tiny beautiful ballerina, and she began to sing, “Upon my toes, why I am here, I never shall know. I sing my song and dance my dance, admire me, you’ll be in my trance. I come from a land of sugars and sweets, one day I was cursed and put asleep. You have three days to set me free or you’ll be trapped here just as me.” Holy shit. What?! This cursed ballerina in a music box was trapped, and if I didn’t save her, I’d be trapped too? This is crazy, I mean, I’ve always believed in magic, but to have something this spooky happen to me is absolutely wild. I wasn’t going to waste any time, I went straight to work on figuring this mystery out. Okay, she comes from a land of sugar and sweets, my very childlike mind immediately thought of the game Candyland, but how could that be? A character from Candyland, or maybe it was talking about The Nutcracker; a sugar plum fairy?! After all it was a ballerina in that music box. At this point I believed anything could be real, I swallowed down my doubts, and stuck with my Nutcracker theory. I spent the rest of the day reminiscing on the numerous occasions I saw The Nutcracker, both on film, and live productions. All of a sudden I was dancing in the snow, surrounded by glistening white snowflakes, crystals, and sweet, giant candy. I was alone, moving through this world, happiness melting through my body, when, a dark fog rolled in. The wind howled and screeched, the sky cast a frightening dark painting, there was a glow in the distance; a bright green glow, creeping it’s way closer… then, BOOM! I jerked awake, falling onto the floor, I looked around, I was still in my drafty, boring bedroom. It was only a dream, but it was also a clue, and a good thing too because I only had until tomorrow before midnight to set the ballerina free. I began thinking about my dream: I was dancing, first of all, I don’t dance, so perhaps I was the ballerina, and the dream was her point of view. She was dancing in a snowy white world, so she must be the snowflake princess; she danced so elegantly, and was so dainty. Then I remembered the dog, how spine tingling and discomforting it felt. It came so eerie and it crept quietly, then *GASP* the green light! That was the last thing I saw before violently waking up from my dream, if I can figure out what the green light is, I can figure out what took her. The only problem is, this wasn’t at all like the play or the movie, so I couldn’t really use them for help, this was something entirely new. I sat in the middle of my room for what felt like 30 seconds, was really 3 hours. My mind was blank, and I was more confused than when I first received the box. Why me? Why was I sent this? Is there some special heroic meaning, or was I simply meant to fail, and live with an unlucky fate until I wound up on someone else doorstep; only to have the disturbing cycle repeat? It was getting late and I was hungry, I hadn’t eaten all day, I went down to the kitchen, where the chefs had already prepared my meal. I love and appreciate the chefs who work here, but they try to make my food way too sugary and weird sometimes. The other week I spotted mini MnM’s in my applesauce, and today I saw them again in my sandwich. They are funny, but that’s just plain gross. I ate my dinner, and before I knew it, I was back sleeping, drifting off into a deep, *yawn* sleep.. BOOM! A flash of green shot at me, jolting me awake. There was no dream, no lead up, just the green light, and it was already 12 in the afternoon! Oh no, I only had 12 more hours before I suffer the same fate as the ballerina, I hadn’t come at all close to figuring out what the green light was. Perhaps if I get something to eat, and then examine the box more closely I can get my answer. So I went down again to the kitchen, the chefs were all huddled together whispering about something, but my food was ready. I didn’t have time to chat, and I wanted to avoid commotion, so I snatched my plate, and dashed back to my room, picking out and throwing the mini MnM’s as I came across them. I got back to my room, shut the door, and began eating as I grabbed the music box. But, something was different, the once glistening, beautiful box was slowly becoming a dark, sharp box, looking as if it could harm one if they touched it. I carefully opened the top, and what I saw sent my heart dropping into my stomach. The ballerina was gone, no sight of her, no hint of her whereabouts; just the phantom of her presence in the empty cold box. My heart began racing, I kept thinking, “I’m next, I’m next!” I would be the tiny person in the box, I was sweating, panicking, I was so afraid. I could feel my stomach churn as a dreery fog began to roll in from the crack underneath my door, along with a noisy commotion coming from outside my room. This was the end, I’m done for, I screamed at the top of my lungs; the most horrific screech, which soon transformed into a hysterical laughter, causing me to pace about my room. When like a bolt of lightning, my door burst open, and I began to fall, slowly, as my eyelids began closing, like dark, horizontal curtains. Before I fell, I heard a voice coming toward me, talking to another, “I told you, I was right. Where are her antipsychotic drugs?” “She knows we put them in her food.”


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Makenna Bolton

Hi! My name is Makenna Bolton, I am 20 years old. I grew up in Wisconsin and in June I graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in LA; with an Associates in Dance and Theatre. As well as writing, I love acting, and dancing.

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