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United We Stay, Divided We Fall

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By Nitu HowladerPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
United We Stay, Divided We Fall
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l don't know maybe l wanna write about seasons or colors. Blind people only see one color. So, l'm giving more importance to sense color now. Colors which mean variety in lights. Now variety is something amazing and disgusting. But one of the most important ingredients of our life. We eat we sleep but we also think we love. We love persons who are different from us. Some varieties follow pattern. In my language they are art. They are good they are bad. So my concern is that we want them doesn't matter if that costs life. We want freedom like that you know to get a home. Variety and freedom has got that in common. Now that's cool. But that's complex too. Pattern create variety . Variety create strong feeling. I love to be free. So this strong feeling is equal to the feeling of love. Well that's eating my head.

Now let's try to stick with one thing. People who get meals three times in a day may sometimes try to feel free to have feelings of love. I am one of them. But who doesn't, reality easily eat up this freedom to feel. They need both money and love. But our only one feeling can save them the feeling of love. I can't save the world. But l don't try too. Honestly it is pointless to discuss. And for some people it is boring.

Well l am free to share my feelings at least. Share - it is another crazy word. When a great man says these people need love he means we need to share our feeling of love with them. Emerge our feeling for them. Sharing is caring. Another thing l wanna say (for my humanity's sake loving is about sharing) sharing is 'daring'. I dare to say more. (Thinking of emotional state)Strong feelings are always about love. We love or we don't love. So varieties always create a strong feeling.

Now light which is beauty in darkness. Light which reduces my fear, sometimes l describe a little success as a ray of hope.

Then color is 'the' result of the ray. Like magic. Don't you agree that hope is a magician? Little little hopes don't always end up in success . But who doesn't care about one little chance to survive, to save a dear one's life to make life better? Here's one little dashing example to attack emotionally -one of the best parts of a movie, one of the best lines of a novel - one desires to have a lover. Does the one ever stop wanting it? Even when you think technically no one wanna end up in trash. So we, the most greedy or just greediest (don't even know the right superlative form) love ( -have positive strong feelings for ) hope as much as we love our father, mother, friend, or just ourselves . We can hope as much as we desire. And being at the top emerges the greediness in you which can give humanity the greatest or the worst. Always save it with good care and decide if you 'dare'?

Let me inscribe a masterpiece plan. Just your greediness is like a straight line but when you link it with other's you create the best amount of hope to create a design - art and we want it badly, right

Even a king bows to United barbarian souls.

But we are God's good human being. United we don't care, divided we feel it was the worst mistake. Before l started writing l hoped to make things easy now see this piece of trash dash dash writing.

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