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Hope is the Culprit

Blame it on hope to be happy

By Nitu HowladerPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Hope is the Culprit
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When we go to school, we hope for friends whose presence will make loneliness disappear. When we work, we hope for success. When we are disappointed, we breathe hopeless. Is hope that much necessary to have? Or is it just another bad habit? Why do we always depend that much on hope? Why do we like it so much to lay our tired mind on the lap of hope? Hope makes us work while there are so many things to think about. Is it fair that hope makes us work when there is no guarantee that we will be successful? Hope makes us think of happiness and live happily though we know that this world isn't so easy or is too hard to deal with.

But why do we fall for that? Are we blind? This world is what you think it is. So, hope messes with our thinking without our permission. Hope has the power to mess with the vision of our third eye. Hope functions like a "hopeful story"teller.

Lately I've been trying to find the way of fair world. I don't know where l am. I search in every way. Instead l learned a lot about fairy world. My fair fairy world is enriched with friendship. Chatting, chanting, thinking, working makes it work makes it wonderful, makes it worthy of its meaning. Helps me to waste my time too! But l am happy about it anyway. Now I am less lonely. I am more lively in any world. Wanna try?

Corner means a little space

Left behind, left alone, left forever. Is that why we need someone? Who on earth understands you? All the ways, all the journeys are way too complicated but the answer is way too simple. No one including you. You're having a good time and don't admit it? Fine. But it is time for my revenge. Human beings are way too curious to know what it feels to get mixed up. If we find something great, we search for something greater. Our mind machine may not have enough strength but to cover it up, simply to cheat, it blows a masterminded thing called hope. Hope. Our hope. It is so cheap and changes its word way more effectively than an octopus changes its color. Told ya hope is a masterminded (and to complete my sentence) criminal. Hope is the greatest artist of our life. You know what, it is a great art to cut down a head without giving pain.

Think for one moment, is there any incidence or any single breath where we can leave hope behind? When we get destroyed, we feel and breath 'hope'less. look what hope does to you! All phase of your life may not be filled with happiness hope says but you have had a beautiful childhood. Aha! hope is so proud of your childhood. Cause that's it’s fun time. Hope is born with you. Hope uses so many color to distract you and make you feel like good things always happen. It's like hope creates color to hide shadows and when you see the shadow this improved version of octopus let you feel like light is possible to get. When you lose your dear one hope again distracts your feeling by saying that you live within your dear and vice versa. So, both of you are together forever. Shame on you! cheap minded octopus. (Even) when you cannot find anyone near you anyplace to shift you, hope smiles (at you)when you ask why, hope gives up and says everything leaves you, and you misjudge and create a new you who feels like everything lives within you. In this brutal world this everlasting criminal tries to create a smile. To create a hopeful definition of reality, life.

If hope is born with you then you are the greatest (artist and) silly creation of the world. I don't know if hope gives up, maybe we will create something new and call that the second version of hope. But thank god we don't get distracted all the time by hope's color and theory of happiness then this brutal reality could give up on us! Maybe silly hope, mind, all this blah blah (artistic) things lives deep within us but we have the power to prove it wrong. I am a good guy and l say good things. Yes I said we are the greatest of criminals, a part of devil but a part of god as well . We can crush hope or think we can use it back, silly.

Oh! no no no maybe I'm creating some blow of hope.

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