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Angry Wishes

When you're angry with your best friend but it's her birthday.

By Nitu HowladerPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Angry Wishes
Photo by HUNTER LEONARD on Unsplash


Someone needs to be said happy birthday


As a gift wanna give you our all old fights

Strong wind

Feel free to collect memories from our whole teen

White steams

Let's unbox our broken dreams

Flower rings

Let me help you spread your wings


Kick all the worries away

Blue cloud

Scream your anger away. Let it out

Sea shore

Hate you a lot but love you more

Black arrow

The best I can be for you is a weak hero


I'll be your crying shoulder

White crime

Now i've run out of rhyme

Whatever, someone needs to know

when heart touches heart

heartlamp forever glows.

N.B. I'm still a bit angry.

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