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Topics With No Demand

Well, you've read the title.

By Nitu HowladerPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Triple f

Fight for friendship

Topic is the thing where l don't match, dude. Depression is the thing that gets me much, dude. There are some diseases that officially make people depressed. I have one of them. Now my mission is to spread it. I will start now. What to say? What to do? Ah! I suck at making people depressed. I am good for nothing. But l will try my best to at least annoy you with my words. Reading is very good. Books always put interest in you, always wanna bring you closer to it. Books always share. But writing is better. As most of the time we have so much to share. But reading + writing is the best combination. Find people who have human friend (don't ignore the word "friend ") to gossip the way they want to. I don't have any and can hardly find it among others. Books gossip with you when you read. You gossip with the fairy world when you write in your own way. This combination fulfills one of the basic necessities of having a friend.


A history of mystery

Criticizing is a weapon. It might affect the toughest mind more or less. Let me share a different type of fairy tale here. Long long ago, before civilization actually, people used to live in the forest and collect food from the nature, sleeping in the forest at night. One day here, another day there. Then they decided to build permanent home and needed lots of materials including woods. They thought, it would take a long amount of time and energy to collect all the woods by cutting them down one by one. So, they needed another strategy. They learned while hunting, it’s important that you attack the weakest point of the animal, if you do so, it becomes easy to catch the animal without much effort and it also dies quickly. So, they decided to apply the same strategy to the trees. They had to find out the weakest point of trees and attack it. Usually, trees are kind and stand tall making deep connections with the soil spreading only good things, approaching every part of soil with soft heart. So, they decided to attack their heart by criticizing. They started criticizing trees altogether, at first all the trees stood tall, not minding the words, but mankind didn’t give up. They kept criticizing day after day, making it an obsession and turned the table around as the trees couldn’t stand tall at a point. They started to fall one by one and most of them fell at a point, even some other animals died too. Thus, they gathered a great amount of woods without breaking a sweat and the surprising result encouraged them to use this weapon against each other or maybe the obsession never died! The mystery remained unsolved in the present day.

A song title

One is the loneliest number by three dog night

I'm sad, I'm mad. I'm lonely. I don't know what is happening to me lately. There was a time when I always liked to be alone. But now, sometimes I don't like to be alone. Again I'm not ok being surrounded by people whom I don't feel connected to. I think the hardest part is to pretend to be ok and to pretend that life is good.

It's 4:40 pm on my watch and I don't want to work hard now and so I'm feeling guilty.

I write for two reasons.

Cause I love to.

And cause I don't have anyone to share my words with.

Pick 1 option

1. To pretend to be social.

2. Or be lonely.

I will pick the second one because to me the first option is even worse than the second cause at the very end one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.

Yeah, I find that it's hard to be alone, all by yourself, but it's harder to be alone among everybody else.

We don't like to be alone. We are scared of being alone cause one is the loneliest number. That's why I think, if I publish this writing many people won't read.

Haha. I don't know why this thought is making me laugh. Why does it seem interesting?

Please take in the incomplete girl with short hair because one is the loneliest number.

Be good to your neighbor because one is the loneliest number not only for her/him but also for you.

Love when you have time with much care because one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.

Speak yourself right now, right on this very moment because I'm so damn sure that one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.

Say sorry when you make mistakes because one is a number that can make you feel guilty.

Because you can't push the number one, because you only have one mind that can be guilty, can feel lonely.

Yeah, a song title has become my life title and that is "One is the loneliest number".

If you're emotional and reading this, don't feel down. It's just a title and you can make great things out of it by your thoughts and works.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed it, you might also enjoy this one too. have a nice day.

Hope is the Culprit


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Rhythm Without Regulation

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