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The world will not stop its pace because of your fatigue

by test 2 months ago in humanity
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At first, it is clear that life belongs to you alone, and only to you

The world will not stop its pace because of your fatigue

1. At first, it is clear that life belongs to you alone, and only to you. If you wander around the corner and no one asks you to guide you; When it rains suddenly, few people come to give you umbrellas, not to mention if you are sick, there are indeed a few people running around for you.

The teenagers in my memory have already drifted away. My dream is like missing the train at the station. I don't know which station to go to for a long time. You still believe that you haven't grown up, and the conclusion time has already thrown you to the crossroads.

Ha, life is becoming more and more absurd. You want to understand it when you are not allowed to understand it, but you don't want to understand anything until you understand it; You should enjoy the good time when you didn't grow up. You desperately want to grow up until you grow up and wish you could produce a time machine to return to the past.

It's not good men and women. Everyone has built a brick wall around him, invincible. After you were scolded in embarrassment, the person you want to talk to asked you with a straight face if there was such a thing.

But the most terrible thing is that one day you suddenly find that in all the changes of time, more and more is yourself. You obviously want to say more than anyone else, but you are just silent. You eat alone quietly, work in a daze, and go home.

2. Others always say that your life is good, and your photos are very nourishing. But no one knows that you are busy until three o'clock in the middle of the night, and you have to stand up the next morning. Some people see your eyes full of edema and ask you what's wrong. You feel that you want to pour it out well after finding a protector, but after twoorthree sentences, you become speechless again.

I haven't opened my graduation album for a long time, and I don't know what happened to my friends who were together every day at that time. I can't remember how long I haven't written with a pen. Apart from my own name, I can't write many words easily. You have changed from a teenager who has been doing the three-year simulation of the five-year college entrance examination to a sad young man who is online and doing the PPT performance documents. Ironically, what you want most at this time is to go back to the previous days and do a good job of the devastated may third at that time.

Life is like this, your interpersonal relationship with the people around you is getting lower and lower, and you are becoming more and more independent. There is no one to make friends with you, and it seems that there is no need to make friends. The most is to meet and nod hello. When I was bored, I looked at the previous situation and Weibo, and I felt that my previous life was both wonderful and happy. Many things were not willing to be deleted, but you may have deleted them, and you don't know why. Maybe I just want to say goodbye to my previous life again.

Oh, goodbye, the two forced and sincere teenagers in my memory. Goodbye, the beautiful and missed girl in my memory.

3. But after saying goodbye? You continue to do your PPT audition documents against your swollen eyes again, and you continue to be busy until 3 a.m. and go home. You abused GRE hundreds of times in your heart, but you have to cheer up and recite English words. Sometimes it's not that you don't want to talk to a friend, but you're used to swallowing everything in your stomach. Then you get up tomorrow morning and pretend that nothing happened. You're doing something energetic in others' eyes again.

The world will not stop its pace because of your fatigue. Don't walk hard today, but run tomorrow. If separation cannot be avoided, all we can do is to make ourselves stronger to solve the separation.

In fact, your heart knows better than anyone that you can become what you are now. In a way, you chose it yourself. Sometimes you will ask yourself how tired you are, and whether it is worth it. Then every time I say to myself, tired is worth it.

Every sad urge and worry is just to stop entanglement in the future, to be able to carry relatives before their families grow old, and to spend a sad but desired life before they grow old. So you conclude that almost no one forced you to live like this, no one forced you to adapt to a person, no one forced you to recite English words every morning, and when you look back, everything is like a shadow.

4. So you are still unwilling to give up. You know that happiness will knock on your door, but you can't wait until you are strong enough. Growth is that even if you are sad and dying, you may still go to class and work the next day. No one knows what happened to you, and no one cares about what happened to you. But if there is no such perplexity, we will certainly not figure out what the so-called happiness is.

So you think you're really fucking persistent, but you've been persistent for more than 20 years. It's nothing to persist for another two years. You learned that no matter who leaves your life, don't regard it as the end of the world. You also learned that no matter who enters your life, you need to be grateful. But the most important thing you learn is how to live alone.

You know it's warmer to curl up in bed, but you may wake up early in the morning; You know it's easier not to do anything, but you still choose to pursue your dreams; You know that gradually a relationship will be difficult, but you still choose to abide by it.

Although I always feel uncomfortable, the older I get, I find that in the final analysis, you have to bear the world alone, so no matter how sad and sad, no one can take off your pressure, and I have to carry it again after crying.

In fact, you were born for a dream all the time, although you often say you don't believe it; In fact, you meet love from beginning to end, although you often say you can't wait; In fact, you know what the next line is, but you will also be moved; In fact, you love the world from beginning to end, although you often say that the world is very bad.

One day, everyone's faith will be invalid and their love will disappear, but always remember that no matter how long the night is, the dawn will always come as promised. When in despair, I look up, and the light of hope is always on my head.

The sun will not forget everything. The breeze in the corner is not easy to happen behind you. The efforts will not be in vain. The low starting point will create a blood legend


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