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The new beginning and reborn

by Dawnxisoul393 about a month ago in humanity / art
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The symbolism of one koi: The stories and thoughts behind our painting《The new beginning and reborn》(One of our spiritual self-healing thoughts)

《The symbolism of one koi - The new beginning and reborn》, painted by Dawnxisoul393

In a space full of happiness and tranquility, a koi, whose body has amazingly beautiful colors. It had a pair of black eyes that swiveled, a small mouth that opened and closed, and four fins that swung from side to side. Its body is very flexible, plump, and strong, and its tail is long and large with a transitional color. It swings its body gracefully, leaving a happy splash, and the sparkling pool water becomes fresh as a result. Look how grateful and happy it is. The beautiful koi brings us life-changing spiritual energy. It helps us face our fears, worries, and insecurities.

The koi symbolizes a new beginning and rebirth. We may ask ourselves, why are we unhappy inside? Is it necessary to make some changes? Maybe the old way of life doesn't suit us anymore? Is it time to break it? A new feeling washes over us as we look at the colorful koi. The fire of rebirth burns in our hearts and our lives will never be the same again. Let the gentle and uplifting power of the beautiful koi infect us and bring us happiness and comfort. Koi make us the most beautiful people we can be in good times.

"A new beginning and rebirth", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

Koi are considered to be a symbol of peace and friendship. It not only gives beauty but also contains auspicious joy, prosperity, and happiness. It is well-loved by people. In folklore, dreaming of red koi represents the dreamer's academic achievement or career development. If someone dreams of a koi jumping out of the water and then into the water again, it means that there will be a happy event in the dreamer's family. Koi represent our aspirations and hopes for a better life. It has been given many beautiful meanings with its colorful appearance. In many parts of Asia, people love the color red. People use red to decorate their clothes and houses. Red represents good luck.

The koi's body is mostly red, which caters to the preferences of many people. Koi are a symbol of wealth. Usually "having wealth" and "having decency" are separate, but in the case of Koi, they go perfectly together. Since ancient times, koi have been considered a good luck charm. It is said that some villages in the south have schools of carp or koi in their rivers and streams, but the villagers never hunt them, believing that the carp or koi in the streams will bring them good luck and wealth. When the carp and koi die of natural causes, people perform a ceremony led by some respected elders.

"The koi's body is mostly red, which caters to the preferences of many people", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

People beat gongs and drums, set out offerings, burn the dead fish, and bury them. Every year, during the "Qingming" festival, people in the village go to the rivers and streams to pay respect to the departed carp and koi. The quest for hope and the expectation of good luck and wealth expressed through the carp or koi has remained unchanged for thousands of years. As early as ancient times, ancestors who made their living by fishing painted images of carp(koi)on pottery. Excavated fish-printed painted pots attest to this. In the Tang Dynasty, officials of the "fifth rank" and above were required to wear "fish charms" to show their dignity.

"In the Tang Dynasty, officials of the "fifth rank" and above were required to wear "fish charms" to show their dignity", illustrated by dawnxisoul393

Today, the significance of koi goes beyond beauty itself. The meaning of koi is associated with love, happiness, and good fortune. Ultimately, there is cultural psychology behind each symbolism, i.e., the desire to place good wishes in one's ordinary actions and to express one's pursuit of beautiful things and sincere and deep emotions. In fact, this culture has a profound history not only in Asia, but in every country and nation in the world, and has gradually evolved into a living custom with its own characteristics.

Original by dawnxisoul393


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Couple from HK. Dr. Daniel K Lam has got his degrees in Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge(ARU has its origins in the Cambridge School of Art, which was opened in 1858 by John Ruskin), Doris H Lam has graduated from GFAA with MFA degree.

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