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The distance between you and success

Seize the opportunity depends on the sincere investment and sincere pay, who struggles for it who is closest to success.

By Bear feelingPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Margaret Mischel's famous novel Gone With the Wind was published and became an instant hit all over the world. Hollywood production

Man David Osselznick plans to bring it to the screen. He first found Michelle to negotiate, and finally bought the filming right of this work at the price of 50,000 dollars. Then he organized 18 screenwriters to adapt the script. On the basis of basically adhering to the depth and flavor of the original, after several modifications and polishing, the novel was finally modified and finalized into a film script by the famous writer Sidney Howard. Finally rely on the United States Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film company began to set up filming.

The first step is to choose the main character. In order to find desirable actors, the director group full power to promote, all the stars get the information is also scrambling to enter the cast, they believe that this great work can be popular all over the world, this film is bound to cause a world sensation. After several rounds of casting, the other leading roles have been selected, but the heroine Scarlett has been unable to find the actor. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the world at that time -- Katharine Hepburn, O 'Connor Davis, Joan Fontaine, Joan Crawford -- all sent their resumes to Selznick and did everything they could to get the part. Somehow, no matter how hard they tried, Selznick was never happy, and the start of filming was more than two months behind schedule.

An actress named Vivien Leigh, who was then a walk-on in Hollywood, was not well known, but she wanted to play the leading role. One day she gathered her courage, spent half a day applying makeup, renting a suit and carrying nothing else, and went straight to Selznick. But before Vivien could say what she had come for, Selznick saw her and exclaimed, Oh, my God! You are Scarlett! She was wearing a wide-brimmed black hat, her deep eyes shining emerald-like, and her slender figure tightly wrapped in black clothes.

Selznick was so excited that he shouted to his colleagues, "She's the Scarlett I've always wanted!" After seeing Vivien Leigh's test film, he was even more excited. One afternoon, he held a press conference to start the film, and made a point of saying that with Vivien Leigh as Scarlett, he was sure of the film's success.

All the crew are surprised, Vivien Leigh has no reputation, more no breakthrough, why can beat so much good

He's a big name in Hollywood. It was Vivien Leigh who gave the answer. She said that before she came to the cast, she had watched the novel Gone With the Wind nearly 30 times day and night for more than two months. She had been thinking about the image of Jia Jiali every day, from her every twinkle and smile, dress, living habits, and even her sleeping form in her mind. When she applied for the show, she appeared in front of Selzny in the image of Scarlett, and she was directly into the lead role, from the clothes to the mannerism, to the look in her eyes and that's why Selznick hired her.

The film, later titled Gone With the Wind, became an instant sensation across the United States and across the ocean. Vivien Leigh duly won the Best Actress Award at the 12th Academy Awards and entered the ranks of the world's biggest stars.

Her success tells us that seizing opportunities depends on true devotion and sincere efforts, and those who struggle for it will be the closest to success.


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