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Thinking determines the way out, pattern determines the outcome

How far you think, how far you can go.

By danielhuangPublished 16 days ago 3 min read

There are two difficult things in the world: one is to take other people's pocket money into my pocket. The second is to put your own ideas and ideas into other people's heads! What we lack in money, in fact, is the concept of keeping up with The Times. Thinking concept of stubborn, rigid, conformist, is the root of poverty. Any truth is changing, any advantage is temporary. There is no lack of wealth around us, but the lack of sight to find wealth! The change of the idea does not change the thing itself, only changes the understanding of the thing, but the idea can change people, people can change the reality.

What matters is character, quality and ideas. -It's the parents' fault that their child is poor. They didn't give him the right values and outlook on life when he was growing up. Parents' way of thinking, education method is the starting line of children's life! What parents have faith, children will have what ideas. Parents sow an action, children harvest a habit; Parents sow a habit, children reap a character; Parents leave a character, children harvest a fate. Parents' thoughts, language and actions affect children's character, thinking and habits.

Character will affect life! Bad habits do not restrain, correct, bad habits at any time to change the direction of life. People are often difficult to change habits, long-term composition of the habit of restriction, hinder your self development space! To constantly update the concept of self, and discard old ideas! Correct belief determines thinking, advanced thinking determines mentality, good mentality determines action. Only change ideas, dare to fight against fate! If things cannot be changed, change yourself; If you can't convince others, try to convince yourself. If we can't get past the mountain, we'll get around it! Overcome and change fate by perseverance, the winner is often not ability but concept!

How far you think, how far you can go. What stops you from moving forward is not the mountains and the sea, but often a small grain of sand on the sole of my shoe! When you hold on to something forever, you may only have that thing forever. If you let it go, you open up other options. Old ideas do not give up, new ideas are difficult to produce! There is a dilemma in this world: one is to change others, the other is to change yourself. Ask others very painful, that change oneself should be very happy. To change others, change yourself first! To change the fate of the future, first change the concept of the moment! Familiar habits, familiar routes, familiar days, no miracle will ever happen. Change your thinking, change your habits, change your way of life! But more to give up the past ignorance, ignorance, prejudice!

How big is our heart, how wide is the stage of life! Only unexpected, no can't do! Change what can be changed, adapt to what cannot be changed! You did not find the way, does not mean there is no road, you want to get what in the future, you must at the moment should give up what! Today's life and work mistakes and mistakes, to understand that all this is temporary, dark clouds will never cover the light of the sun! Fate throws people into the lowest, is often the best period of life transition. To be down-to-earth, step by step to do their own things.

Want to do always have a way, do not want to do always have a reason! Success is the play of advantages, failure is the accumulation of shortcomings. For things in life, like it then enjoy it, don't like it then avoid it, avoid not to change it, can't change it then understand it. Others can not understand your idea, don't complain about them, time to let them understand, let the results to prove. Can not change the reality, can change our ideas; Can't change things, can change our mentality; Can not change the views of others, can change their own ideas! We cannot change the wind, we can adjust the sails; We cannot control the weather, we can adjust our mood. If you want things to develop and change, first change yourself, only change yourself, can change the reality. People's biggest enemy is not others, but self, only to overcome self, to overcome difficulties!


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