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Simple Ways to Get of Rid Anxiety and Restore Peace of Mind

by Mia Morales 2 years ago in anxiety

It's time to take your peace of mind back.

Each day is a struggle for those who suffer from anxiety. Between constantly worrying about the future and obsessing over trivial mishaps, it can be quite difficult to maintain your sanity. However, silencing the noise in your life isn't an impossible task. Here are a few simple ways that you can replace your anxiety with peace of mind.


With the countless thoughts swimming through your mind at any given second, it is no wonder that many of us have anxiety. Simply acknowledging your feelings by writing them down will help you better understand what is going on within you and what needs to be addressed. This effective technique is called journaling and has been known to both provide clarity and regain structure within the mind. You will also be able to filter your thoughts and separate the rational ones from those that are fear-based. Learn more about effective journaling.


Meditation is a way of releasing debilitating thoughts and heavy emotions while replacing them with feelings of zen and tranquility. It is also a way to practice mindfulness. One of the most effective techniques is to just sit in silence and observe your thoughts. Don't pressure yourself into selecting only positive thoughts or solutions at the moment. Just let them flow. Take deep, mindful breaths, and focus with the intention of attaining stillness within the mind. Your anxious thoughts will continue to slow down. If you have trouble sitting in silence, try listening to soothing tunes, chanting, or humming. Read about other ways to use meditation to reduce anxiety.

Get Your Home In Order

Anxiety is often attributed to clutter and disorder within the home. Declutter your home by getting rid of belongings that no longer serve you. Give your home a deep cleanse, and fill your area with things that bring joy into your heart. Create a happy space filled with colors that resonate with your soul, flowers, plants, and photographs of loved ones. Lack of security can also cause anxious thoughts. To help you feel safe within your home, you may want to look into purchasing a home security system. Keep all of your doors and windows locked, and you may even want to invest in a doorbell camera so that you can monitor all outdoor activity.

Make Time For Hobbies

The "all work no play" motto is one that bleeds anxiety and stress. You must make time for hobbies and activities to consume your downtime. Never become too overwhelmed that you neglect to chat with a friend over lunch or hang out at your favorite bar. Always show up for your weekly yoga class, and remember to take that hiking trip that you have been promising yourself all year. The goal is to keep your mind focused on peaceful, enjoyable moments so that it has no time to revert to anxious thoughts. Find things that make you happy, and do them as often as possible.

Go Outdoors

If you are yearning for peace of mind, spend some time in nature. Nature is healing on various levels, and just enjoying its essence is enough to restore your inner peace. Free yourself from the busy world of technology and responsibility, and take a stroll through the park. Observe the life around you. Pay attention to the greenery as well as the water that surrounds you. Become in tune with the sounds and rhythms of the universe. Nature is our natural habitat, so depriving yourself of its glory can be the cause of the disharmony within your life.

Anxiety will not let up unless you face it head-on. The cure is not within a prescription. It is your daily practices that are ultimately in charge of your happiness and peace of mind. Avoid people, places, and thoughts that are energy-draining, and focus on things that soothe your soul.

Mia Morales
Mia Morales
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Mia Morales
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