No! Anxiety is NOT forever.

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No! Anxiety is NOT forever.
Good representation of how the mind looks while anxiety bubbles up.

There are many articles on anxiety and how to understand it, learn to better cope with it, and manage it. Those words don't sit right with me because I don't want to have to manage anything that I could potentially control. I want it GONE and I believe that's very possible seeing as my unnecessary anxiety IS almost gone!

These tips have helped me turn off the anxiety power switch and stop it's triggers for an anxiety FREE future. Our unnecessary anxiety can be stopped once and for all.


What helps me the most and seems to be pushing anxiety away more and more each time is talking to myself or someone else. So, talk to yourself or audio record yourself stating what could realistically go wrong and how you would handle it. You know that whatever happens physically or emotionally, you will get through it because you always have. Run through the scenario of having your anxiety attack instead of living through it. Say to yourself or that someone who is trying to comfort you, "Okay so the worse thing that could realistically happen is... and if that happens I will... and after it will be over and I'll be okay again. That won't happen though. I'm only worried about that happening. If it does happen, I'll friggen deal with it and move on"


Anxiety is one of those feelings that is hard to explain to someone who has never felt it. They can't understand exactly how you feel. Therefore, can't help you with their words while you are feeling anxious or having a full on anxiety attack. However, their bodies can help and I will tell you how. When you feel anxiety start to rise up in your body and/or mind, having a person you trust nearby can snap you out of it. Go outside for a walk with them or ask them to either stroke your arms, gently sway you back and forth, shake you slowly or aggressively, or give you a 20-second hug. This may be the last thing you want but it grounds you and helps your body realize that you are HERE moving around or being touched by another human and you are NOT up in your irrational world full of worries that you can't control. Someone is with you and you are safe. It's sort of a form of meditation for people which typical meditation doesn't help. For those who know meditation can help them, I recommend InSight Timer App. One of the best apps to have for any type of meditations, talks, and calming music. I should mention that if you don't have access to another person at that time, you can go outside for a walk alone, touch things around you, stroke your arms, massage your scalp or each hand, you can also try holding ice cubes in your hands as that turns your mind over to the cold sensation on your palms. Doing any of these things has helped me before and even during an anxiety attack. As time went on I noticed that the amount of time between anxiety attacks stretched out longer and longer each time to the point where I just associated being held or moving around with feeling calm and safe again.

*Stay tuned for Part 2! Coming January 25, 2020*

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