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My Life As an Empath

by Jocelyn Joy Thomas 9 months ago in humanity
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Do you suspect you are an empath?

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Driving has always been hard, I love the driving part but the other cars feel as if they are pressing in on me. I can’t drive on the freeway, the intensity is too much. I can feel the hostility of other drivers, whether it’s outright or simply hurried energy to get where they want to go.

The electric lights at superstores zap me, I can’t spend more than a half-hour before feeling drained. I love sports, and going to games is a lot of fun, but the crowds make me feel short-tempered, I need to decompress after. Same thing with the mall, airplanes, public transit.

I never heard the word empath or highly sensitive person, of which I feel I am both until I was an adult. When I did I was surprised. I didn't think there was anyone like me out there, it didn't seem like anyone I knew had the same sensitivities. Like a lot of sensitives, I was relieved to hear I wasn't alone.

What about you? Do my experiences sound familiar?

Do you experience any of the things I mentioned above? If so you may be an empath and/or sensitive person. I didn't start out this way, to some degree I was always sensitive but never to the extent that I became as an adult. Maybe you didn’t either which can make it confusing.

I grew up in a city, taking public transit since I was a young child. I could expertly navigate thick crowds without much thought. I could spend hours in a superstore with no issues. I’m not sure why I suddenly got more sensitive but it started to happen not long after I started doing intuitive readings and more consistently exploring the spiritual path. I have no idea if that had anything to do with it, but it does seem that if you raise your frequency perhaps it is harder to be in the samsaric density of the physical world.

I became sensitive to food, chemicals, pollutants, crowds, fluorescent light, loud sounds. It wasn't all at once, it happened gradually through my 30s and onward.

Do you suspect you are an empath?

For all of those who feel as if there is no one that can understand their pain and their day-to-day life. I understand I have lived it, I continue living it and I know how very challenging such a path is.

It is the path of the empath or sensitive, this most sacred but difficult path we have chosen. Yes, it was our choice, and I know that we often question our wisdom over this choice. In fact, we lament grievously at times over it. Yet, we made it.

What we must do now is help each other. We are here, we must push forward and continue with what we have started.

We are together

I feel your pain; I feel your joy, your sorrow, your excitement, your heartache, and your grief as you feel mine. I know the dark places you go to, I know the deep, deep sadness you can dwell in. I know its shores by heart, I promise you I have not left any stone unturned in that forsaken land.

I know the feeling of holding back in love because you know if you showed the person how much you love them it would scare them off because it is too deep, it is too much. I always hold back some part of myself because I don’t want to make others feel overwhelmed by the intensity of, me.

We are not alone. We may suffer alone but that is also a choice, now in this moment reach out to others. Connect to your guides, feel the unity in nature, feel the universe, angels, deities, holy spirit, and love that is all around you.

There is no reason for suffering, we can feel the ups and downs but we need not do it alone. We are on this journey to cause a change in the world. To shine our lights so that we can grow and help others do the same. So that we can evolve in whatever way we most need to. Remember your journey is a sacred one and you are never alone.


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