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Money and Success

by John Wilson 2 months ago in how to
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Money is like air, we can't live without air, but we don't live for air

In the era of commodity economy, some people regard money as the only standard to measure success in life. There's no denying that in real life, you can't do anything without money -- it takes money to stay afloat, it takes money to stay in hospital, it takes money to open relationships. More money and less money affect people's quality of life all the time.

The big money with a lot of money has become the star customer of the bank, who can do business at any time, while the depositors without stars can only afford to watch others "jump the queue".

Poor people with little money, unable to afford their health, unable to pay their children's tuition, unable to do the things they need, sit alone in sorrow and tears.

In fact, money in our life, just as a philosopher said: "Money is like air, we can't live without air, but not to live for air."

Life in the world, in addition to money, there are many beautiful scenery along the way, bring joy unlimited, unlimited hope, these spiritual pleasure and enjoyment, money may not help people realize.

For example, money can buy a house, but not a nice home. Money can buy marriage, but not affection; Money can buy medicine, but not health; Money can buy books, but not wisdom; Money can buy vanity, but not charisma; Money can buy entertainment, but not peace of mind; Money can buy playmates, but not honest friendship; Money can hire a nanny, but may not be able to hire a really good nanny for you...

There are countless beautiful things in the world, and everyone wants to get as much material wealth, fame and status as possible. All this desire is beyond reproach.

However, human desire is like a bottomless abyss. If you chase it without measure and without restraint, you will set heavy mental shackles on yourself. In the process of worrying about gains and losses, you will miss the wonderful experience of life and may lose your healthy body.

Nowadays, many fatigue diseases and mental diseases in the society tend to be younger. Sudden heart attack, cerebral infarction, suicide and other tragedies occur from time to time, no matter high level people, or low level people are not immune.

At this time, money and no money to cure the disease, opened the fate gap between patients. Money to treat diseases, objectively has certain advantages, but not necessarily can meet good moral character, good medical skills doctors; Less money, poor treatment conditions, maybe meet a strong sense of responsibility, skilled doctors, cure the disease. No one can tell the mystery.

No one can completely get rid of cowardice and fear under the fate of birth, old age, illness and death, but do not let this mental state, become a habit, become a mental obstacle to personal growth. Therefore, efforts to adjust the state of mind, with a healthy and strong heart, to face the reality, solve problems, in order to create a better future.

The definition of money varies from person to person. One thing is certain, however, that a successful life should be a happy life, and a happy life does not depend entirely on the amount of money, but on the cultivation of personal character. Sometimes, moral inferiority is more terrible than money poverty.

I read an article on the Internet. In order to prove the view that money talks, the author disdained the workers in ordinary jobs as "high poor handsome drawing" and "poor? Brother ", "short poor drawing", laughing at their lack of money, poor, can not find objects.

Even if she is really a rich woman in reality, the arrogant and unvirtuous soul will sooner or later scare away the God of money, but also talk about how to succeed in life?

The real success in life is the success of moral integrity, self-respect and contentment. It not only includes intelligence, emotional intelligence, more moral business, only conduct and excellent career success, is admirable wise.

Along the way of life, we often encounter the temptation of power, money, fame, if we can not withstand the test of temptation, can not control their desire, always want to seek more things, then, you will likely end up with nothing.

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