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Looking Back

A Time of Gratitude and Grace

By Caroline-StoryGirlCAPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read
A special place I'd like to visit someday

There was a time when the world we live in was filled with magic and mystery and every human being participated in it on a daily basis. This was a time people of the Earth on all continents and in every country had a deep connection to nature and the land they lived on.

They took care of their home. They believed in giving thanks and expressing gratitude for the abundance in their lives, even during rough times and over the course of their days. They blessed their homes, they blessed an abundant harvest, healthy food on their tables, their families, their health, and/or recovery from sickness. They blessed the beauty of the land they lived on, the air they breathed, and the clean water they drank. Gratitude and Grace filled their minds and hearts every day.

Back then, life had its concerns but it wasn’t as complex as it is today. In this day and age, our minds are completely overstimulated with information, news, social media, and many of our children are addicted to video games so much, families don’t talk to each other anymore. The cell phone has become the new mom, dad, or best friend. My two-year-old granddaughter swipes through an iPhone photo album with adult-like accuracy. How did she learn this? By watching her parents? Or is it some kind of evolutionary process we're not aware of?

As I witness the stress and anxiety which has literally overrun the entire human population in one way or another, it makes me want to gather my family and run to the mountains for cover. A life off-grid has its drawbacks but it will definitely help us see what is important again. A life of overthinking, negative thought patterns stress and anxiety is not ideal in my spectrum.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived again in full appreciation for what we have rather than relentlessly seeking out more? More money, higher social status, more power, and control?

I often wonder about Eco-villages which are stationed all over the world. These are not cults but off-grid communities who live in harmony with nature, with each other, they grow their own food and are totally self-sustainable.

Not everyone is designed for this type of living. I don’t know if I’m designed for it but I do believe society, in its surge for progress is leaving something important behind. How about spending more family time together, without cell phones, and excluding the holidays as the only means for a family get-together? How about talking to each other again? Listening goes with talking. Do you listen to your partner or friend? Some people say they listen but silently wait for the slightest break in a conversation so they can jump in and voice their opinion without really listening to the conversation. I’m right. You aren’t. My idea is better than yours and so on.

How about seeing each other as equals? Members of the Human race. Presidents, Dictators, Team Leaders, or Peasants? None of this exists. We’re all equal and working towards a common goal. Don’t’ we want to be happy Humans? Don’t we want to support each other in achieving our goals? Why smash down another because you feel threatened they are somehow better than you or maybe they will take over your job and disrupt your precious social status?

The solution requires mass cooperation and heartfelt participation. It won’t happen in our lifetime but there is great light work being done all around the world in spite of the negative news we hear so much of. I wish news channels would report some of the good being done rather than what’s coming undone at the seams of our society.

Another plan I have for the New Year besides tackling my dream to be a Communicator/ Writer and to count my Blessings every day, is to really see the good in my life, even on those rough days and we all have them but I’d like to allow life to flow as it was meant to.

I’ve spent too many years fighting life itself, like a Salmon swimming upstream. It’s a hell of a struggle to get where you think you need to go. So why struggle? Our negative thought patterns, and beliefs about ourselves push us back. Rather than see life as a struggle, is it too much to ask to look at it from a different perspective? Sure, shit happens. We screw up. It’s Human nature but that doesn’t mean we have to give up. We can opt to pick ourselves up, find the joys we hold dear to our hearts, and carry on.

It’s my greatest hope that anyone who reads this will consider doing the same if you don’t do it already. Within our busy day, can we remember to live in harmony with ourselves and each other, to really see the beauty of our lives and count our Blessings? I’m sure if you do, you’ll run out of fingers to count on.


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Hi there! I’m a fiction writer. Written all my life. Want to inspire if I can. Living on a guest horse ranch in Baja California, Mexico. Married to a Mexican Cowboy!


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