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Let’s Understand The ENTJ Personality Type

by Afshara 4 months ago in support

How do you deal with ENTJs?

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As a doctoral researcher who is fascinated by personality research, I enjoy gathering insights into the different personality types and how each behaves with one another.

Among many personality types, the ENTJs might be one of the misunderstood personality types.

ENTJ (Commander) personality type is identified by the Myers-Biggers type indicator. People with this personality type are usually bold, assertive, and opinionated. They are also analytical thinkers and have a high tolerance for stressful situations. These qualities help them in excelling in any leadership position.

According to psychologist David Keirsey, the ENTJ type is quite rare, accounting for a mere 2% of the population.

Personality traits of ENTJ:

These are some evident characteristics of the ENTJ personality type:

1) Extroverted nature

As ENTJs are extroverted, they enjoy socializing with others. They are also enthusiastic and have strong communication skills. While socializing with others they often energize other people with their high energy vibe.

2) Logical thinkers

While making any decision ENTJ prefers to think realistically and logically. They often rely on fact-based knowledge. This is why they never prioritize their emotions or sentiments in their decision-making.

3) Great strategist

This personality type is well known for its organizing and planning skills. In order to gain certainty and consistency, they like to plan and map out every single action before making any decision.

4) Problem solvers

ENTJ’s are extremely reasonable and critical thinkers. They also excel in leadership roles. Because of their strong personality traits and problem-solving skills, they qualified themselves as successful leaders.

5) Emotionally detached

This personality type is not rude or snappy on purpose. They are just emotionally detached and unaware of dealing with their own emotions and feelings. This is why they often suppress their emotions as they believe it will expose them as weak and vulnerable in front of others.

Dealing with ENTJS:

Here are some subtle ways which might help you to deal with ENTJ type individuals:

  • Don’t feel intimidated by their assertive nature. Try to accept their outspoken and bold behaviors rather than identifying them as bossy and controlling.
  • As Mike Yaconelli once stated,

    "Boldness doesn't mean rude, obnoxious, loud, or disrespectful."

  • While having any discussion with them be prepared to expect some straightforward comments. Don’t take their comments personally as this allows you to have open and productive communication with them.
  • As they are emotionally distant. Thus, do not force them to communicate about their feelings. Rather try to be a good listener while communicating with them. It will eventually encourage them to share their feelings with you.
  • Try to understand their realistic and logical nature. While dealing with any problem they will be focused on fixing the issue rather than thinking emotionally. Thus, try to be appreciative of their problem-solving skills.
  • Final Takeaways:

    ENTJs are outgoing and sociable in nature. Although their confrontational and hostile kind of communication style might portray them as a rude person. This is why don’t take it too seriously if you find their way of communicating a bit offending. They are usually good at connecting and interacting with people who have similar interests and views. Whereas, they might avoid interacting with people who are a bit introverted and sensitive in nature.

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