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Keep a normal heart

by li li 2 months ago in humanity
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The human heart, this should be like clouds like water

Life will always let the character taste the five flavors, it is a gift of life. Calm, tolerant, neither humble nor pushy, brave smile to life. Indifference is not to see through the world of mortals, is not the negation of all things in the world, not to think numb, do nothing muddle along. People who have a normal heart can realize that indifference is a kind of enjoyment. Indifference is a state of mind, it is the high-quality cultivation of thought after severe training. Born a person, always game in the world of mortals, indeed, carry a lot of sadness and trouble, but, it is not the streamers, not the wind, but the heart caused by, in fact, are asking for it. In today's materialistic society, full of temptations and traps, it is not easy to maintain a normal mind. Only the heart into the world, with a normal heart, to feel life, to find the true meaning of life. A person's heart, too easily affected by the outside world, will often fall into the state of greed, hatred, and delusion and cannot extricate oneself, lust in splendor in the world, the desires of life, or attached to personal gain and loss, the credit of the inner world of the "too", often lose myself continue with nature, will inevitably lead to can't meditation to view on things, Therefore, a blind eye, not to see Mount Tai, not to see more beautiful things in life, naturally also lost the true white and beautiful.

Life is like a flowing river, both calm and magnificent, both peaks and peaks when the magnificent beauty of the cascading, but also through the peace of the meandering tenderness. People's hearts, originally like a pool of water, should be clear to the bottom, smooth as a mirror, and can reflect the true face of the world, however, this original pure water heart, but the most vulnerable to outside interference and heat waves. Such as the wind wave, such as the stone in the water, move together, even if stirred into a pool of muddy water or muddy water, therefore, all the beautiful scenery in the heart, also can not show. Having a normal heart is normal life for ordinary people, Having a normal heart to learn to meet, learn to give up, and learn to be indifferent. To understand others, treat yourself, and enjoy life. Adversity in life may as well calmly, prosperity may also wish to face calmly. Don't care too much about others' comments, live in others' comments; Don't care too much about the results, do not be in pursuit of perfection, life is a process, as long as the effort, is their success. Live, also not let others cheer. You need to take care of your own life, you are the master of the world. As long as there is no haze in the sky, it will bring light to those around you. It is the nature of nature that water flows downwards; Nor is it the work of the heart that clouds float in the sky. Life, if you can like clouds like water, follow the nature of elegant nature, then, on the journey of life is Buddha, why should deliberately practice? But life has to be deliberately cultivated.

The best state of life is abundant quiet. Quiet, because get rid of the outside vanity temptation. In the ups and downs of our, really can get rid of the temptation of fame and fortune, do "spoil or disgrace, see the court flowers bloom and fall; Leave to stay inadvertent, look at the sky cloud volume, Yun Shu "? Have a normal heart, to accurately find their position in the ever-changing staggered, and realize their value of life. Do not ask how profound cultivation is, just want to have a normal heart, treat others, treat yourself, and treat all the worries and troubles. The human heart, originally like the clouds in the sky, should be pure and natural, colorful, and can flow out of the world's most beautiful paintings, but this original natural and pure heart, but the most prone to be fooled by the heavens and scattered annihilation.

A person wants to be like the cloud water natural quiet, have a quiet heart, want to be like a rock, the earth, fearless in the baptism of the outside world, to have a real and straight ordinary heart. Like the wind blowing clouds, like the clouds blowing wind, this blow a surge, becomes a vast blank or gloomy, therefore, the heart of all the flowing color also will be eclipsed. A normal heart can see through the fame and fortune, the success or failure of the victory, and the loss of reputation will see through. If you can achieve such a state, you can relax nature, calm yourself, firmly believe in the best psychological state, and ensure that you can do things with ease, calm and magnanimous display their talent, to realize a complete and charming "self".

The human heart should be like clouds like water, clear, pure natural, but it is too fragile. Therefore, Buddhists believe that the human heart should be like a rock, the earth, very ordinary, very broad, no matter how the outside world wind and rain, can remain immobile, stirring up nature, then, all the outside interference and temptation, just powerless to shake and Pierce the quiet of our mind. Life has given us too many setbacks, but we are still optimistic to face, not we do not know how to fight, but this is our attitude to life. Life is beautiful and we should all learn to enjoy what it has to offer. However, it is difficult for people to be single-hearted, shuttling between interests and losses, being confined to the vanity of favor and disgrace, producing "various thoughts" and "a thousand kinds of delusion", and staying at the surface of life, which is the biggest obstacle in a person's life.

We only will the heart into the world, into society, into nature, into the clouds between the water, with a common heart to feel, to treat, to find the true meaning of life. Believe that the dream is the source of value, believe that vision determines everything in the future, believe that the belief of success is more important than the success itself, believe that life has setbacks without failure, and believe that the quality of life comes from the faith of never compromise. To be a normal person, to work with enterprise, life depends on fortune and misfortune, there are gains and losses. Lost let it be lost, we should be more concerned about what they gain from the loss and setbacks. Look at what has been lost, keep a normal heart, constantly from failure to gain successful experience, find their harvest, and dig out what we have. To be a normal person, to work with enterprise, so that we can correctly estimate the happiness of life!

No ordinary and calm heart, will not appreciate the true meaning of life, will not taste the beauty of life and happiness; Do not cherish the ordinary people, also will not create earth-shaking great cause and glory. Because usually contains everything. People in this complex social environment will experience a lot of things, gain, and loss, success and failure. Gain or loss, success or failure, the key is in the face of gain and loss, success and failure can size up the situation, stick to their beliefs, and always maintain a normal heart. A state of mind full of a normal heart is a harmonious, harmonious, and beautiful state. The normal heart is a kind of psychological state that is not controlled by emotion, not led by fame and wealth, and fully understanding the nature of things and seeking truth from facts. Common mind to knowledge, ignorance is not a common mind. In the ordinary state of mind, life will have the highest meaning, the behavior will have a broad space - a lot of times there is a clever, trick, that can get out of the predicament, or danger.

People, are really in a common heart, it can make people detached, make people good, make people know can do and do, not do and not do; Know what you should do and don't do it. Only dare ordinary people, can have a normal state of mind, love ordinary life, and can feel the mystery of life from ordinary happiness. The COMMON MIND IS A thorough understanding OF life. As an ancient saying goes, "Life is as thin as CICada's wings. If you exist, you should be satisfied. Under this weather, all troubles, can be abandoned water, understand the true meaning of life, knowledge is precious, will be with a quiet state of mind to treat everything, Japanese scholar Suzuki big clumsy said: "the morning glory of the well around my barrel, I borrow water to drink." This is how broad and grand the state of mind is, but also how to swing people's feelings, to cherish a weak life, would rather go to borrow water to drink, if there is no a common heart of compassion, it is difficult to do. Having a normal heart has the right principles of life, will not overestimate their own, also will not fall. Having a normal heart will not only pursue material luxury, and their soul is submerged in the tidal sea of dust.

The normal heart is a state, before reaching this state, the heart often has a very bumpy course. Common heart not only makes people have the same bearing as the sea but also makes people stable as a mountain. In the storm, stormy waves, pine forest rolling, but the sea is calm as yesterday, the mountain is immobile, with such mind to practice life, is fearless, and never retreat from difficulties. Zhuge Liang said: indifferent to the bright, quiet so far. Indifferent to the world of right and wrong, keep peace of mind at the same time, and do not forget to pursue the ideal, the fear of precious life, in the long run, can make life carry forward.


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