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By xllkPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

1. There was a scholar who went to Beijing for the third time and lived in a shop where he often lived. Two days before the exam, he had three dreams. The first dream was that he was planting cabbages on the wall; the second dream was that on a rainy day, he wore a bamboo hat with an umbrella; the third dream was that he was lying naked with his beloved cousin, but back to back. These three dreams seemed to have some profound meaning. The next day, the scholar hurried to find a fortune-teller to interpret the dream. Fortune-teller a listen, even pat thigh said: "You still go home. Don't you think growing vegetables on high walls is a waste of effort? Is it unnecessary to wear a bamboo hat to play an umbrella? With cousin are naked lying in a bed, but back to back, isn't it hopeless? "Hearing this, the scholar was disheartened and went back to the store to pack up and prepare to go home. The shopkeeper was very surprised and asked, "The exam is not until tomorrow. Why did you go home today?" The scholar said so. The shopkeeper was delighted: "Oh, I can interpret dreams, too. I think you have to stay this time. Don't you think growing vegetables on the wall is high? Doesn't wearing a hat and an umbrella mean you're prepared this time? Naked in bed with your cousin, doesn't that mean it's time for you to roll over? "When the scholar heard this, it made more sense. So he took the exam with great excitement and actually won the test. Life philosophy: Positive people are like the sun, where it shines, our thoughts decide our life, what kind of thoughts, what kind of future.

2, the value of life don't let yesterday's frustration make tomorrow's dream eclipse! At a conference, a famous speaker held up a $20 bill in his hand without opening his speech. Facing 200 people in a conference room, he asked, "Who wants this $20?" One hand after another went up. He continued, "I'm going to give this $20 to one of you, but before I do, please allow me to do one thing." He crumpled up the bills and asked, "Who wants more?" Hands still went up. And he said, "Well, what if I do this?" He threw the bill on the ground, stepped on his foot, and ran over it. Then he picked it up. It was dirty and wrinkled. "Who wants more now?" Some hands still go up. "My friends, you have had a very meaningful lesson. No matter what I do to that bill, you still want it, because it's not devalued, it's still worth $20. There are countless times in our lives when we are knocked down, bullied, or crushed by our decisions or adversity. We feel as if we are worthless. But no matter what happens, or what will happen, you will never lose your value in the eyes of God. Dirty or clean, neatly dressed or not, you are still priceless to him." Life philosophy: The value of life does not depend on what we do or who we keep company with, but on who we are! We are unique -- never forget that!

3, hold up the head is really beautiful although it is a black cow, milk is as white. Jenny is a little girl who always keeps her head down. She never thinks she is pretty enough. One day, she went to the accessories shop to buy a green bow, the owner constantly praise her wearing a bow is very beautiful, Jenny, although not believe it, but very happy, not by the head, eager to let everyone see, go out with a bump did not care. Jenny walked into the classroom and met her teacher. "Jenny, how beautiful you hold your head!" "Said the teacher, patting her fondly on the shoulder. That day, she got many compliments. She thought it must be the bow, but when she looked in the mirror, there was no bow on her head. It must have been lost when someone touched it out of the jewelry shop. Confidence is a kind of beauty, but many people are too concerned about the appearance and lose a lot of happiness! Life philosophy: Whether you are rich or poor, beautiful or plain, if you hold your head up high, happiness will make you lovable -- the kind of lovable that everyone likes!



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