Illuminating Narcissism

The Fragility Of Their Ego.

Illuminating Narcissism
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It’s said that narcissist personality disorder is just that, a dysfunctional personality disorder however I see it as much more. There is so much more going on then just how someone acts towards others.

They’ve been cut deep and for whatever reason they feel the need to want to cut others as well. In my eyes a disorder is something that takes a sliver of you, not your entire life.

They are so overly guarded that they turn off all empathy toward themselves and others. You may not believe that this could even be possible due to the enormous egos that they carry around with them but their ego is part of the story that they want to tell to the world however, it’s just that, a story, they self sabotage themselves every minute of everyday so the lack of empathy toward their own life plays out in detrimental ways.

They are extremely fragile. Their feelings, their ego, their life. Emotions can turn to rage so quickly because of this inner turmoil. It’s pure chaos. Always needing to fill up the shattered part of them so they will turn to any means to do so and that’s when they begin to self sabotage every aspect in their life.

They seems tough but deep down they are insecure children that never grew up. They are so afraid to show this side of them to anyone that they wear a mask to protect the child inside of them because they feel as no one ever protected it when they were young.

The people that suffer with this disorder have felt in some way, shape or form that they were too hard to love, they felt abandoned by someone who was supposed to be there to protect and to love them. This could have happened in so many different ways however the result is still the same. They have raised a narcissist.

We all have a degree of narcissist traits among us. We want to win. We want to be seen. We look out for number one but we also have empathy for others and we understand how to flip the switch and truly feel compassion for others and these individuals do not.

Whether a friendship or a more intimate connection these people have only one thing in common, using another individual to get their needs met. Period.

They aren’t willing to be there for your needs, only theirs. They’ll use you until they get all they can and then discard you when either your energy or your resources run dry. They’ll drain you completely and then move on to the new supply without thinking twice about you or your feelings.

Even though these acts of betrayal can be very disheartening to you, remember that what they did to you can’t ever happen again and now you can begin to heal and you’ll know that you’ll never, ever have to experience this kind of behavior from anyone again without your permission and I’d have to anticipate after surviving such abuse that your answer would be NO!

We all have darkness and we all have light within us. We were created this way but for the narcissist they stay in the pitch black. Too afraid to come out to find the light within, so they are looking for anyone or anything that shines. They lurk in the shadows of their own self destruction and for that there is no cure. The only person that can truly illuminate their world is them.

Empaths can get stuck in the never ending cycle of narcissist abuse because we were created to shine our light for others to see however we were not created to be used and abused by these people who lack responsibility and feel no remorse for hurting such pure souls. Never take accountability for the narcissist or their actions. If you feel as if you were there to help however you didn’t succeed it’s NOT your fault. These people just take and take until there is nothing left to give. You’re left standing while they stole a part of you but you can regain that peace, they cannot.

Adult body. Childlike mentality. Only they can help themselves. If they choose not to they will forever be stuck in a maze without ever finding their way out. As they use and abuse their victims, their guiding lights will ultimately go dim and they’ll be standing in the dark of night for eternity.

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Angela Fosnaugh
Angela Fosnaugh
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