Illuminating Narcissism

The Soulless Beings & Red Flags Cautioning You To Halt

Illuminating Narcissism
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In this part of the series on the topic of narcissism I want to talk a little or well a lot on what some of the signs are that you are in fact dealing with someone who I believe has lost their way and their soul is without depth.

Your soul is the light of your creator. The spark of who you are. When it’s lit, you realize that your mission here goes beyond greed, selfishness, lust ect.

You realize that you came here on a mission that goes way beyond money and materialistic gain. You came to help. You came to serve. You came to love and be loved. You deserve love because in the end love is all there is but then why isn’t the world a much more peaceful place than it is?

Why are there so many people trying to hurt others and why are these people so eager to destroy everything around them?

Below you’ll find some of the red flags of the narcissist personality disorder.

1) They’ve say one thing and ALWAYS do another. Habitual liars.

2) Greedy, selfish and downright hurtful beings. They don’t care what they say or do to you as long as their needs are being met. They don’t feel. Emotionless beings.

3) They cheat. They cheat in their relationships and in life trying to gain more and more because it’s NEVER enough!

4) Lack of empathy. They don’t care about you, your feelings, ect. They only care about what they can once again, gain from you!

5) They are controlling. This control can take different forms but control is control in any form.

5) Fake! Nothing is real about them or to them they can not grasp reality. They wear a mask of deception.

6) They cannot take responsibility for anything! They try and lie their way out of everything by turning it around and making it your fault! They are like the child on the playground being the bully and then running to the teacher to tattle on the other child for the injury that they caused.

7) Child like mentality. You’ll actually see these grown ups acting like children. Their growth was stunted so they will throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way.

8) Lack of remorse. They don’t care how they hurt you, why they hurt you or how you’re feeling about them hurting you, they only care about what they can gain from it. It gives them a sick pleasure seeing people hurting as they once did.

9) They’ll withhold from you. This could be in several different ways but they will withhold intimacy, money, conversation ect. If you are going against the grain you better expect them to withhold something from you because they feel like they’re no longer control and this makes them out of control and they want you to pay for going against these ridiculous rules they put in place. A narcissist sees in black and white. If you go outside of those lines, you’re going against them and it makes them feel they’ve lost their control.

10) They’ll gaslight you anyway they can. They will lie about you and try to turn everyone against you and in actuality it’s for something that they caused or did. For example, say something happened in your relationship that was their fault. You may speak of it to a family member or friend. Once that find out that you told someone they’ll go crazy because they cannot ever look like the bad guy in any situation. Their saint like image will be tarnished so they will go around to anyone that may be involved with you (friends, family, co- workers ect) and put their spin on the situation to make you look like you’re the crazy one not them!

11) They will try to isolate you. They want you having no friends and no family around. They want to be in control of you at all times!

12) They break the law. They believe they are above everyone and this includes the lawmakers because they are purely lawbreakers and don’t care what the repercussions are, they live in the moment and think because in that very moment they didn’t get caught, that they can continue breaking law after law without any guilt or fear.

13) Always seen behind computer screens and their phones. These people talk and bully people online. They are seen as trolls. Their inflated sense of self makes them think that they should be filled with admiration and attention all day, every day. Even negative attention fills their empty souls. They will go to any length to fill themselves up!

13) Porn addicts. It’s never enough and they will even break the law to see nudity. They stalk and are the peepers and streakers of the world.

14) Sexual Hypersensitivity. This is one thing I found out about the narcissist I’m dealing with. It’s sickening. Sex without feelings. No emotion just an act, once again, to fill up the empty vessel that they exist in. This is one reason they are addicted to porn but anything can cause this reaction. Even a word can cause them to become aroused.

15) Egotistical but extremely insecure. It is absolutely ironic that when their ego gets deflated by something someone says to them that they break. Insecure and weak. They can dish it out but won’t even taste what they serve. They may ghost you. They may go into hiding until their fragile interior is repaired by someone else inflating their ego once again.

And so on.

This type of person is prevelant on the internet. They are searching for their next energy source. They have nothing inside. If you see their eyes they are just dead. The eyes are the window to the soul and theirs are just so lifeless. They prey on empaths. Empaths have a light that is shining bright and narcissists always have their energy feelers out waiting on a new or back up supply.

They get bored easily. If you aren’t giving them exactly what they need in that moment because remember, they live moment to moment, never thinking about the next. They are always on the hunt looking for their next victim.

You will see these people on dating sites and social media. They spend their time looking for their back up supply. Like a vampire waiting in the wings for the next blood supply. They are energy vampires. Wanting to steal everything that makes you, you.

They are downright evil and do not care what harm you may experience. They want to use you. They want to abuse you. That’s what they live for. Noone that has this type of mental issue is ever going to disclose it to you. They think they are smarter than you are and they will sink their claws in and be able to suck every ounce of you out and then discard you like you never meant anything, because, you didn’t.

Taking note of their behavior can save you so much heartache in the end. I was so lucky that I was able to read the signs and signals before getting in too deep. I knew he had extreme mental issues within a few months of our encounter.

He thought he was outsmarting me but reading between the lines I knew he wasn’t right mentally. They can go from Prince Charming to the evil sadistic person they are so quickly! Without light they live in darkness. They are preying on the ones that shine to light up their world but in turn, you’ll lose what was. Don’t be the victim. Be cautious and listen to your gut! It is the only thing that’ll never lie to you. If it doesn’t feel right, leave.

They want to dim your glow to brighten theirs! Don’t give it away.

Keep Glistening. Please, move on.

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Angela Fosnaugh
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