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Holiday Gift Ideas for Someone With Anxiety

Give the gift of relaxation this year. Inspire your shopping with these calming and fun holiday gift ideas for someone with anxiety.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Someone With Anxiety

As someone who has been clinically diagnosed with anxiety, I understand how every day can be a constant battle. Anxiety can ruin your life, if you let it. The mind races, the heart beats faster, and it can even become difficult to breathe.

While these holiday gift ideas for someone with anxiety are no substitute for professional therapy or medical attention, they can help your loved one embrace and calm themselves.

As you may already know, Xanax is a prescription drug that is commonly prescribed for people with anxiety. This Xanax bar isn't the medical kind, but the fashionable kind. This Xanax-shaped necklace charm is a beautiful and spunky accessory.

This necklace can be worn either as a piece of humor or as a statement. There are a lot of stigmas out there concerning mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Wearing something like this is kind of like standing up for yourself and for other people like you. Don't be afraid to show off the true you.

Baths in general can be a great way to unwind at the end of the day, but you can make your special someone's bath even better. CALM Bath Salts is one of the best holiday gift ideas for someone with anxiety. Not only are these bath salt crystals gorgeous to look at, but they also aid in relaxation. This product contains Dead Sea salts, Ylang Ylang essential oil, and vanilla oil; all three of which are known for their calming and healing properties.

Books on meditation and mindfulness have helped me greatly with handling my anxiety. It is very comforting to have an insightful guide to navigating your anxiety, which is why I recommend this book (or any book like it).

While people with anxiety often need prescription medication, there are also other ways to ease their troubles, such as meditation. One of the principles of meditation is mindfulness, which a state of awareness. Books like these help teach the importance of being self aware, present, and nonjudgemental. Think of it as a companion or a mentor that works to improve your mental health.

Faiths such as Hinduism and Buddhism say that there are seven centers of energy in your body. Each point of energy, or chakra, deals with a specific part of the human experience. You can find a comprehensive guide to the seven chakras here. It is believed that through meditation, people can heal their chakras and ultimately reach a state of enlightenment.

This aspect of some Eastern faiths has actually worked its way into our popular culture as well as new age philosophy, making it one of the more socially relevant holiday gift ideas for someone with anxiety.

This beautiful bracelet by Jewelry Yoga features seven stones, each of which represents one of the seven chakras. Made from real volcanic lava, red agate, lazurite, amethyst, and other natural materials. It is a cute way to remind the wearer that dealing with anxiety takes work, but that it's worth it.

Aromatherapy is a beloved method of reaching a state of relaxation. It is based on the idea that certain fragrances can aid in stress relief and help reduce anxiety. While some say it lacks credibility, other researchers have found evidence that it it actually works. Regardless of scientific proof, though, aromatherapy remains extremely popular.

This essential oil diffuser is one of the coolest gifts for someone with anxiety. While most oil diffusers are for home use, this one is portable and works in your car via USB. Take the anxiety out of your daily commute.

Lavender is world-famous for its many uses as both a healing agent and a stress reliever. If you're going to get an essential oil diffuser (like the one above), incense, massage oil, or any other similar product, make sure to make it lavender!

This Lavender Hair Oil from Free People can help make your hair shinier and healthier, but can also help you to relax thanks to its natural properties. The oil might help your hair, but the fragrance will help your mind. This is one of the best holiday gift ideas for someone with anxiety because it is both a beauty product and a type of aromatherapy.

Like CALM Bath Salts, Ulta Beauty's Sugar Crush Body Scrub can make your bath or shower much more enjoyable. Body scrubs are a great relaxation tool because they enrich, soften, and polish the skin. The rough granules, when rubbed onto and washed off of the body, create a wonderful calming effect.

The ingredients for this particular scrub include freshly squeezed limes and lemons, vanilla musk, almond oil, sea salt, brown sugar, and macadamia oils. So not only will the feeling of the body scrub calm the mind, but the scent will, too.

People have been using tea to calm their nerves for thousands of years. This particular brand of tea from Free People is a special blend whose main ingredient is wild blue lotus flowers. This brew has been thought to inspire and support powerful meditative practices for hundreds of years. You could also purchase a lovely tea set to go along with one of the best holiday gift ideas for someone with anxiety this season.

Knackered Cow's Relaxing Show Gel is another example of how to incorporate soothing lavender into your daily routine. This bath and shower gel also includes hints of eucalyptus, so it is as invigorating and refreshing as much as it is relaxing.

Frequently using products such as this one can help someone with anxiety to put the issues of the day to rest. If you bathe in the morning, it can also be a great way to start your day.

We all know the phrase "take a chill pill." In this case (literally), you can use a chill pill as an accessory and as a statement. This iPhone 6/6S case is one of the funnier gifts for someone with anxiety. At the same time, though, it can send a great message. Like the Xany Bar Pin from Nylon Shop, this is a fashionable way to own who you are, mental health problems and all.

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