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Freedom to Choose

by Jerome Henderson about a year ago in humanity
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Inner Stillness

Freedom to Choose
Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

Who desires a loss of freedom? I don't. Yet, there may have been many ways in which freedom is handed over to external events, internal events, or to others. Your freedom to choose is the key to your state of being. It is your power to choose how both internal and external events affect you. This is not to say that those events are unimportant and should be avoided at all costs. I am only stating that you have the power to choose which events you give your attention to and how you let them affect you.

Judgments of a situation may lead to internal or emotional strife. They may even lead to physical pain or complete turmoil. For instance, judgments of social situations may lead you to accommodate to your perception of others, leading you to behave in ways you do not truly care for. This in turn may cause an individual to turn against themselves for being who they are not. I am aware these are some big Maybe's, but understand that I am only speaking from a subjective experience. It is only my aim to impart said experience.

Through both subjective and objective experience we may find mostly that which we are not. In my experience, stillness within has come when giving my focus to that which I am not has ceased to be. Attending to judgments of social situations, household duties, and other external events has caused mostly disarray within my own being. I cannot say the same for anyone else, but I may hope that hasn't been the case. This is not me turning a blind eye to the world and each moment that arises. This is merely an acknowledgment of not knowing what I do not know. And there may be much of that. In fact, there have been a multitude of circumstances in which my knowledge had been revealed to contain numerous holes. As I've said before, "Jack of ALL trades. Master of NONE". However, it is my aim to Master the one that TRULY Matters to me-Being.

This may lead to an abandoning of that which does not serve Being. But, who's to say what does not serve Being? EVERYTHING in the Universe has it's purpose. What that purpose may BE is yet to be discovered before the moment arises. Subjectively speaking, I've mostly gone "where the wind has taken me"-the Right Place at the Right Time". But Isn't it always the Right Place at The Right Time? *Shrug* This Road isn't may not be for the Feint of Heart, and in fact could be for few. It may require a shedding of desires that are NOT TRUE to the HEART. These desires may include everyday goods like Coffee, Sugar, Certain Foods or Spices, among other THINGS. It can also include other common and not-so-common desires. Like desires for physical or emotional intimacy (both short and long-term), companionship, and other addictions. While some of these are enjoyable, depending on them to attribute to one's BEING may lead to a LOSS of FREEDOM. Even judgments made in "short-term relationships" may cause a LOSS of FREEDOM.

While this may not be the place for oversharing (too late for that), I am aware of my own experiences that have lead to a Loss of this FREEDOM while causing internal strife. More often than not, it has been that judgments of said situations have affected my inner BEING rather than external events themselves. So where does that Leave me? Whats the point? Well MY aim is to FEEL that STILLNESS I have spoken of and let it GUIDE ME. This doesn't necessarily mean that I am abandoning my CHOICE to CARE for my WELL-BEING, FAMILY, and TIME TESTED RELATIONSHIPS. After all, Work, Dedication, or other COMMITMENTS ALL have their use. It may however entail that ALL that has not already been to HELL and back may be LEFT BEHIND. After all, I may owe them that at least. AS for what's next....


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