Drink That Away

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The Feeling of Shame Associated with Alcoholism

Drink That Away
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We drink away our pain sometimes because it feels good, better then what we were feeling before. We drink to forget, forget our failures, loses, constant reminders and things. We drink to live when we know longer feel like living , and sometimes we drink because we've already died inside. Either way we're drinking for the moment, and that's when becoming an alcoholic becomes a risk.

The problem with people who drink their problems is away, is that they will always have problems, so they will possibly always drink, unless they stopped drinking to forget, and started talking to ease the pain. Instead of drinking to feel alive they could go do things they've never done before. therefore, they could replace every problem they drink for with a different solution, and in return see life differently for a little while, but that's just the first part. One simple no or, sorry I can't help could send them spiraling again and that's where self discipline comes in.

Self discipline is a tool needed for anyone trying to do anything, from working out to everyday life activities. It's hard to just be alive some times because your not always okay. I can't say I'm unfamiliar with the feeling because I do know it well. Some people are just born with this amazing trait, and can get around to doing anything they want to, some people have to work for it and towards it. The best things in life could be the simplest, so close yet so far and out of reach. So if you ever need a push, you just need to be equipped to give yourself the push you need to say no to yourself. To quit your bad habits and be okay with just being yourself in that moment, embrace your pain and find a way to gain. Unfortunately, drinking isn't just about self discipline and drinking away problems it could be genetics that lead you down the road of alcoholism.

Alcoholism is a thing you usually know about when it happens in your family. All it simply means is that your family member has a addictive trait in them that allows them to be addicted to alcohol, or whatever their poison may be. Genetics can really screw us from the way our hair is down to our blood type, it's not our parents fault though, we just have to be aware and work with what we've got. If you know you have a family of alcoholics or even just one alcoholic, you should never pick up that bottle, you can most definitely find another way to be the life of the party today, without that party having to continued everyday for the next couple of days.

I'm only aware of this due to the meeting of some of the most beautiful people that were just running away from life. They opened my eyes to see the world in colors I have never seen. So I thought I come and open someone else's eyes too and allow them to understand our alcoholics need our help, because our absence could also lead to their downfall and demise. Being an alcoholic is a disease just like being depressed, we can't call it a lesser just because it's unfamiliar, or because it's been pitted with this stigma of shame. We need to support them, they need to ask, and we need to stand together because people need people, and they our our people first, alcoholics last. Again, I am apart of the crowd that does not know, but meet a sober alcoholic and you would understand. Even if you can't help them, you could always point them in the direction of someone who could help. AA was built around supports and networking, lets give our people that before they get to that point and hope to see a difference.

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