Creativity and the Loophole.

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Creativity and the Loophole.

Problems and solutions, two seperate islands that seem to be out of touch and opposites from eachother. We all want to be able to embark on our journey of finding that island of solutions to many aspects in life. That utopia where the poeple we care about thrive and the dreams we have are finally accomplished. A place where we can feel joy and freedom with ourselves, not having to worry or carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. An answer to what to do next, and to ultimatley be okay with the result as Florence + The Machine puts it in her song, "The Dog Days are Over." Celebrating a release of what used to keep us confined and trapped to truly embrace happiness.

On the other end of this ocean is the state of being unsure, and hesitant on what to do next. Beliefs and ways of being that no longer serve their purpose, because of the conflict and confusion it entails. A place where poeple live in scarcity and limits, I can't and I don't want to's. A heavy weight is put on the shoulders of many to distract them from the abundance of ways they can reach success. Success comes after they can subside the pain or loss of their current situations, because it just is not realistic.

Odds are that when you are thinking of getting out of a problem you do not know what the outcome will be. When a problem is presented, depending on the severity of that problem determines the reaction or response to it. If someone is worrying about not being able to pay bills, most likely they react fast in order to survive and find the money to be able to meet their needs. A very effective way to solve in time for deadlines. Many people who say they work well under pressure tend to get a lot done in a small amount of time. Stressing and pressuring yourself to get through the day and the work ahead in order to survive comes at a cost. That cost can come through in your health and well being. Carrying a heavy weight and dealing with having to fight it for a long time can eventually break you down. How long have you been living in the fast lane for?

Detaching and reflecting upon what is going on reduces stress and increases productivity. Many people when stuck cannot even picture or start thinking about solving the problem because of the weight and anxiety that comes with dealing with it. People tend to only see one side of the coin, they truly feel the weight of it. A study led by a group of physcology researchers at Michigan State University explored how taking a step back and objectively viewing situations reduces stress and anxiety. Jason Moser, MSU associate professor of psychology shares, “Essentially, we think referring to yourself in the third person leads people to think about themselves more similar to how they think about others, and you can see evidence for this in the brain.” The findings about this truly eye opening study are published online in Scientific Reports, a Nature journal.

So what do I do if I am experiencing a stressful problem in my life! The question that carries all the worry and images of worst case scenerios finally decides to step out of hiding. That reactionary fear and worry doesn't have to be the only way. Finding an answer in an already scarce and limited island is not going to give you the outcome you truly want. Those islands are two seperate places, and when life decides to unload a stressful situation to you, that is when you find the loophole. That is when opportuity is found.

If you are stuck in problem island, because that is what you were dealt with you have another answer. You know you can throw your hands up in the air and feel angry or frustrated and that is probably what you want to do. Although, if you have a mind and a heart you are capable of seeing beyond the madness. Creativity allows you to not feel pressured into needing to be angry and frustrated. You have a great power, that strength comes out especially when it feels like there is no other option. That strength can come out when you perform, sing, dance, speak, and make people laugh. What do you care about? What makes you smile and laugh? How might reacting with pain push those things away? What amazing things could you attract if it was the opposite response? There are a lot of gaps in life we are working on finding the bridge to, imagine if you had one for all the times you could be sad and upset. A bridge to solution island without the fear and stuckness! Imagine how much more successful not only you would be, but the people you interact with and work with.

Creativity is a gift, and there is ultimatley no way to define and confine it. Use your gift, when you are alone or with other people. It's a habit to label and judge situations, but creativity can point out what problems you are causing for yourself. Being aware of when you are experiencing stress and pain, and if you had the freedom to feel differently what would you be thinking instead? You can be judgemental and always think there is a right and wrong answer or you can completely detach and objectively view situations. Many new experiences will be lining up for you, as you change your perception farther away from problem island reality will follow. Your health and well being will thank you for easing the load off your shoulders. You already have the loophole to your dream island, you can choose to embark there especially when you are stuck and lost. Knowing you are powerful and amazing enough, I would not be expressing my belief in you if I did not fully and truly believe it myself.

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