Bulimia is Not failed anorexia

The stigma of Bulimia.

Bulimia is Not failed anorexia

Just wanna put this out here into the universe for anyone who is super ignorant, unaware or just needs the validation themselves. I've heard a lot of people say things along this sort of line in my life and just wanna say it's bullshit and really harmful for suffers. Keeping them from seeking help for longer, and just generally making them feel terrible about themselves.

In our society, there is this glorification and romanticization of anorexia in comparison to other forms of eating disorders. The ability to control and not give into hunger urges, is deep down what a lot of people crave. In our body image obsessed world, it's a trait that seems desirable to a point. To have the control over their diet and weight.

On the other hand Bulimia is treated with more aversion. Like they don't have the willpower of anorexics to completely abstain from eating. And are acting with greed rather then restraint. They give in to their hunger urges and don't always get to be "skinny."A lot of people assume that the reason people purge is because they are trying to restrict and fail, then purge to make up for the binge. In reality it's much deeper then this and purging is caused by more than restriction and hunger.

It's also not will power that keeps anorexics from eating, it's a compulsion due to our stupid ass brains. And the same for purging. People don't have unlimited will power, especially with food, it's the disease that causes it to seem like you do. If it was will power that was keeping you from eating, recovery wouldn't be so bloody hard.

Just because you are purging and can't "stick to your diet" it doesn't mean you don't have the will power anorexics do. Again it's not really will power that stops them from eating. Peoples brains are simply different and are struggling with different things at different times. We don't get to choose what coping skill we have and our brain latches onto whatever it needs to deal with what's going on. You don't lack self control when you binge and purge, it's just the way your nerve pathways are wired at the moment to handle shit.

Different situations/brains = different coping method

The stigma surrounding bulimia makes it harder to talk about and deal with and Speaking as someone who often feels like a failure because they aren't a "good enough anorexic" im god damn sick of it. And sadly it's something i've experienced from multiple medical professionals, peers and friends. You are valid and still deserve love and support even if you aren't restricting even if you used to. The feeling of not being sick or thin enough, is what keeps a lot of bulimics (and people with all eating disorders) from seeking treatment. So next time someone opens up to you for the love of god, don't respond with "you don't look thin enough to have an eating disorder."

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