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Better Ways of Treating Sociopathy

What I Wish Could be Done

By Iria Vasquez-PaezPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Treating sociopathy is all about making them get into therapy in order to learn empathy for others. A sociopath in treatment has to be trained to look at themselves very hard, and be like, hey, I'm a jerk. Remember, readers, I do not have a degree, in anything save a BA in English, and so I'm writing this as pure satire. Narcissistic people have an inflated sense of arrogant importance which means they are hard to treat because they don't like therapy, not when therapy forces one to admit they are "wrong" or to see and air out your weaknesses dirty laundry. In a job interview, a sociopath would skirt around the question "what are your biggest weakness?" Or "what is your biggest weakness?"

A sociopath is different from a psychopath in that sociopaths have feelings but limited access to them. Someone once told me a sociopath can be made to feel guilty, as it can happen. Sometimes, sociopathy is described as antisocial personality disorder, or ASPD. Sociopaths are full of drama, as some in my family would not attest to. Instead they blame me, for responding to their lies drama.

What comes naturally to a narcissist is lying. They are such good liars, making everything look like the victims' fault. A sociopath does not respect normal social rules, and they go, "did I just break a rule? Who cares? It was fun." They enjoy lying to people, since my family totally does that. Like they read my articles anyway. These people say consequences, "what consequences?" Normal people know about those, then take responsibility while sociopaths have none of their responsibilities on the brain.

They do not act responsible, while feeling no guilt about their irresponsibility. They also like projecting on people. Projection is about demanding something be someone else's stuff that is not their stuff. Projection is also a total lie, since they are accusing the victim of something they did wrong, most likely to that victim. Sociopaths are a cold people, who only use humor when it gets them somewhere. In a parallel universe I'm actually a sociopath, but in this lifetime I wasn't born this way. Sociopathy however, runs in my family, which is why I don't want kids.

Sociopaths destroy other people's property, often without feeling bad about this. They habitually steal from people; they lie about the things they do. There is no clinical difference between sociopathy and psychopathy? This means that in some psychologists' minds that they're both in varying degrees of severity. They abuse people without regard, so therapy would teach them, along with jail time, not to be that abusive towards others. Getting my family into family therapy was hard, because many of their behaviors still weren't changing as some of them like to fight with me no matter how hard I try to diffuse it. This is why I've avoided my family for the last six years.

This is one way of keeping myself safe. A merely toxic or selfish person feels bad about their behavior, and tries to change it. People with sociopathy often think they do not have a problem, which is why they do not see a doctor. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one way to treat sociopathy, since it makes the patient think through their feelings, and their actions or responses to people, and that person's situations. Medication helps calm down aggressive people while also easing depression or anxiety that may result from wondering why they behave a certain way.

I wish to god my family was in therapy. I have long prayed for this. They have no idea how much stress they cause me. I keep praying for a lucky break. Not that they read my blog, my articles, or anything else. I'm really fed up with prayer at this point. I know there are other actions I could take but I'm not going to get real specific. Yes, I have come to realize my family ignores me. Well, tough because that is the way they have been taught to treat me, so nobody is getting a dime.

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