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7 Ways to Improve Mental Health

by Mason Kelley 3 years ago in selfcare
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Mental health is extremely important in every person’s life. Fortunately there are several different ways that you can improve your mental health.

Not every way will work for you, so it is important to figure out which ways will work best, and stick to them in order to improve your mental health.

1. Positive Affirmations

One of the most tried and true ways to improve your mental health is to tell yourself something positive. You can start right when you wake up in the morning. When you get up, you can think of several positive things about yourself, and repeat them to yourself, either in your head or out loud, and envision those positive things. Thinking positively about yourself will help your overall mental health for the whole day.

2. Be Grateful

There are a lot of things to be grateful for in life. Even when life is getting tough, there are always things that you can be grateful for. You can consider even having a journal to take notes everyday for things that you are grateful for. If you are unable to be grateful in your life, then you will always see the world in a negative light. Negativity is like a poison to the mind, and will never help your mental health.

3. Take Care of Your Body

Your mental health is connected with the overall health of your body. There are a lot of different ways to take care of your health. One way to take care of your health is by getting regular exercise. If you spend 30 minutes each day doing light exercise, it will greatly increase your mental health. Another way to take care of your body is by eating healthy food. Clearly vegetables, fruit, and a well-balanced diet are obvious choices. But there are times when you don’t want to give up the tasty, unhealthy food that can be so comforting. For example, McDonald’s is a go to place for many people to get comfort food. Their crispy, fried french fries are definitely not healthy, but there is a way to replicate the french fries without the negative health effects. You can use an air fryer to cook french fries at home, and it uses little to no oil! There are many other ways for you to be creative and help your physical health so that your mental health is also helped.

4. Serve Others

One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to make others feel good. The best way to make others feel good is by serving them. Every single person is different, so when considering what you will do to serve them, make sure that it will be personal, because it will make them feel even better.

5. Talk To Someone

By opening up and talking to someone, it will help you understand how you are feeling. Sometimes you don’t know how you are feeling until you are actually voicing it to another person. Once you know how you are feeling, it will give you the power to change for the better if needed.

6. Get Outside

Getting outside can do a lot for your body. Not only are there beautiful things to see and do, but your body physically needs fresh air and sunshine. You do not have to go on a crazy long hike, or even play sports outside to get these benefits. You can simply go for a walk around your block, and you would be surprised at how much better you will feel. Next time you are feeling grungy, because you have been inside for a while, consider just going outside, whether that be to a park, for a casual walk in the neighborhood, or even a scenic drive.


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