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The five best images of the earth as artistic images

In this article we learn about the best photos taken from space to the earth to classify the most beautiful artistic photos

By Nora SGPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
The five best images of the earth as artistic images
Photo by Hrant Khachatryan on Unsplash

A series of Landsat satellites have surveyed the Earth's surface since 1972. In that time, Landsat data have become a vital reference around the world, and are used to understand scientific issues related to land use and natural resources. However, some Landsat images are simply eye-catching, offering stunning views of mountains, valleys, forests and farms. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Landsat, the USGS and NASA have selected the five best images of Earth as images of art.

Number five-Lake Eyre the shallow water spots of the Australian Lake Eyre resemble a skull. This ephemeral feature occurs in a flat and often dry area. Lake Eyre is the largest lake in Australia-when it is full. However, in the last 150 years, Lake Eyre has been filled only three times.

It is the largest Salt Lake in the .country and one of the largest in the world. Its enormous size and capricious nature make it a captivating natural wonder. During periods of heavy rainfall, a dry salt pan turns into a sparkling Oasis, attracting a variety of bird species and creating a vibrant ecosystem. The lake holds cultural significance for Aboriginal groups and is a testament to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the Australian landscape.

Number Four - Algerian Abstract What look like pale yellow streaks of paint running through a mosaic of dappled colors, are mounds of wind-blown sand that form a sea of sand stretching from Algeria to Mauritania, in northwest Africa. In this area of ever-shifting sand, one of several in the Sahara, individual dunes often exceed 500 meters in length - nearly a third of a mile - in both width and height. The light blue areas in the image are salt crusts left by evaporating valley water.

Number Three - The Winding Mississippi The small, blocky shapes of towns, fields, and pastures surround the beautiful eddies and flowers of the Mississippi River. Many lakes and green spaces line the winding river south of Memphis, Tennessee, on the border between Arkansas and Mississippi. The "Mighty Mississippi" is the largest river system in North America.

The winding Mississippi River is a majestic waterway that winds its way through the heart of North America. The river extends for approximately 3,730 km, and is the second longest river in the United States. The river's winding path creates stunning scenery, passing through diverse regions, including the Great Plains, the Midwest, and the Gulf Coast. The Mississippi River holds great historical and cultural significance, serving as a vital transportation route, a source of livelihood for countless communities, and an inspiration for music, literature, and art. Its distinctive curves and sweeping views continue to attract visitors, offering a glimpse into the timeless beauty of this iconic American waterway.

Number Two - Yukon Delta: The Yukon River starts in British Columbia and flows through the Yukon in Canada, crossing Alaska before emptying into the Bering Sea. Countless lakes, marshes, and ponds are scattered throughout this landscape of the Yukon Delta. The winding and branching waterways resemble blood vessels that extend around an organ. It is one of the largest river deltas in the world, and is protected as part of the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge.

Number On Van Gogh from Space Similar to Van Gogh's painting "The Starry Night," huge clumps of green phytoplankton swirl in the dark waters around Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. Phytoplankton are microscopic marine plants that form the first link in almost all ocean food chains. Population explosions, or phytoplankton blooms, like the one shown here, occur when deep currents bring nutrients into sunlit surface waters, fueling the growth and reproduction of these tiny plants.


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