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Best Frozen Sangria Recipes

by Lynne Shumaker 5 years ago in wine
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The best frozen sangria recipes will help you feel relaxed and cool off during the summer.

Sangria is a classic drink that always pleases people with its flavor and ease. There are some variations to this delicious drink depending on the specific fruits you add and the consistency of the drink. However, if you have never tried a frozen sangria before, you should check out these best frozen sangria recipes.

These frozen cocktails will not only help you stay refreshed but they taste marvelous. Whether you are planning to make a big batch of this cocktail or have it just for you, you should try these recipes. All you need is an easy do it yourself bar setup, some ingredients, and a blender. In no time, you will be sipping a frozen sangria. If you don't already, these recipes will help you learn to enjoy wine.

Mixed Fruit Frozen Sangria Slush

This sangria recipe is perfect for relaxing at home or if you're just craving a fruity and refreshing drink. This recipe blends together pineapples, peaches, and mixed berries. All you need to do is buy a nice bottle of red wine, a bottle of brandy, some triple sec orange liqueur, and combine it with the fruits in the blender to make an appetizing frozen sangria slush. This cold and delicious cocktail will be ideal on a hot summer day or a great way to unwind on the weekend. Try the mixed fruit frozen sangria slush recipe here.

Berry Frozen Sangria

Once you try berry frozen sangria, you will realize it is one of the best frozen sangria recipes. This cocktail is tangy and will quickly help you cool off on a hot summer night and feel rejuvenated. After buying a great bottle of red wine, make sure to keep it chilled and then combine it in a mixer with Cointreau and mixed raspberries. Learn how to make berry frozen sangria.

Original Frozen Sangria

Frozen sangria garnished with strawberries is a classic drink that will automatically put you in a good mood. This is one of the easiest and best frozen sangria recipes. It makes four servings so you can make this for family and friends as well. The mixture of fresh fruits and red wine will keep you relaxed and happy. Get the original frozen sangria recipe here.

Yellow Tail Frozen Sangria Slush

This recipe is simple and satisfying. You just need to purchase a bottle of Yellow Tail Sangria and mix it with a variety of fruits, such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and an orange. This sweet and refreshing drink is great for a hot summer day but is suitable anytime during the year. It doesn't require a lot of effort for you to have a tasty sangria slush. Learn how to make Yellow Tail frozen sangria slush here.

Berrylicious Frozen Sangria Slush

As the name implies, this frozen drink has a variety of berries in it. It is one of the best frozen sangria recipes since it is extremely fruity. This revitalizing cocktail is bound to perk you up and keep you staying cool on a warm day. This drink is a combination of blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. It's very easy to make and fairly healthy, considering the amount of fruit it contains. Try the berrylicious frozen sangria slush recipe here.

Raspberry Frozen Sangria

Raspberry Frozen Sangria has one of the best sangria recipes since it's extremely refreshing and tasty. This frozen cocktail is intended for people who love mixed berries since it has a pound of berries in the drink. Whether it's a hot summer day or you just want to relax, you should make this frozen sangria. Get the raspberry frozen sangria recipe here.

Frozen White Peach and Melon Sangria

This frozen sangria is sweet and delicious and has a fruity taste with the white peach and cantaloupe. If you're craving a frozen cocktail but don't want to put in too much work, then this the recipe for you. You can enjoy the mouth watering taste of sangria after adding Sauvignon Blanc, a mix of fruits, apple juice, and some sugar. Try the frozen white peach and melon sangria recipe here.

Frozen Sauvignon Blanc Sangria

Frozen Sauvignon Blanc Sangria has one of the best frozen sangria recipes since it's extremely easy to make and delicious. This savory and aesthetically pleasing drink is great for a party or just to relax. You can be creative with the variety of fruits you choose to add to this drink. Once you make this drink it will quickly be your new favorite frozen cocktail. Learn how to make frozen sauvignon blanc sangria here.

Frozen Sangria Margarita

Frozen sangria margarita is a mix between a margarita, a classic drink, and sangria. This strong and flavorful drink is perfect for a big party since it makes six servings. Regardless of the weather outside, you can always enjoy this drink. It will relieve any stress you may have and help you stay refreshed. Get the frozen sangria margarita recipe here.

Frozen Black Raspberry Sangria

This cocktail has one of the best frozen sangria recipes due to its ease and excellence. All you need is Monin Red Sangria mix, a bottle of red wine, black raspberry liqueur, and some ice. Once you combine these ingredients in the blender, you will be rewarded with a sweet and satisfying frozen sangria. Try the frozen black raspberry sangria recipe here.


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