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Why the TARGET controversy only helps the rich.

A story of subterfuge and greeed

By Kerry WilliamsPublished 9 months ago 7 min read
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I don't deal in specifics. I deal in vague references. Do you know about the Target controversy? I do. You might after this. Go read up on it, but as you do, take into consideration the following facts.


The price of a companies STOCK is not related to how much money the company makes, how well it's sales are, or how well it pays its employees. STOCK is specifically the RICH's way of having FAKE MONEY and being able to F^*K the lesser well to do, out of their money. I can go on and on about this, but the main points are;

Unless a company owns all it's own shares, an increase or decrease in stock price only affects the portfolio (bottom line) of an investor.


Companies that have record profits over a number of years, will usually Sell stock at record highs, and then do something STUPID to turn public sentiment against them, causing the stock price to drop significantly, and then the company will use it's profits to BUY-BACK its stock at a bargain, and then they let time take its toll and the stock rises again!

Target isn't going bankrupt. They're playing the game, just like Disney is. The difference is: Target made the choice, probably years ago, to carry a line of clothing for adults and children, with rainbow patterns and PRIDE symbolism. PRIDE, the new five letter swear word in the GOP dictionary, right there above and below the more commonly known four letter swear word: WOKE.


So, why did TARGET decide to carry PRIDE merchandise for kids? Well, they carry it for adults, why not kids? Are they trying to indoctrinate your children and turn them GAY! Well, I suppose if rainbows and unicorns turn someone gay, then Deadpool owes me a reach around. In the mean time, symbolism and pride, not PRIDE, but pride, in ones family is, and should always be, morally correct. Being proud of a person, for coming out, for enduring the ridicule from haters and bigots alike, should be something to acclaim. Just the fact that people go through these ridiculous personal crucifictions for something that they are not forced to do....

Speaking of ridiculous personal crucifications, I'm talking biblical. Jesus. Jewish people and their faith. Muslims. Anyone other than white people. White people who have family and friends who are not white people. Anyone who stands up for someone else's rights and equalities. The fact that they have to stand up, or suffer, is the ridiculous part. The abhorrent part.

In a day and age where everyone wants to spout off about what someone else is doing, I have the answer. MIND YOUR OWN F*&KING BUSINESS! And that will be my slogan, when I run for president. You want to be LGBTQIA? Go for it. You're not forcing it on me. You're not running over and offering me a hand job, or my kids, I mean... not yet I suppose. But I think that's what a lot of people now-a-days think.


I'm not talking about the every day ghola made by the asexual Tleilaxu. No, this is...okay, maybe I am. There are a lot of similarities. The small impish humanoids have been raised by an entire society of hate, and they have been taught that anything other than the straight laced pure-bred race ideology is evil. Powindah they call them. They also feel that they have the RIGHT to impose their beliefs on others, because they way YOU think is evil. Your actions, they view as amoral and evil. They might sugar coat in in the press, or to the casual observer, but in secretive closed doors, they're speaking the truth amongst themselves. "Those evil Powindah".


You can see the similarities. I can. And I can see why Target got rid of their ride collection, ESPECIALLY the kids clothing, because here in the state of Florida, there is so much BULLSHIT being passed by the governor to control what a person can or cannot THINK, it's insane. Let's see.... A school teacher got fired because she showed a DISNEY movie that had a gay character in it. The over-sexed Lumiere is fine. The Bestiality factor is charming. The mice and a carriage made of a pumpkin, just fine. Marrying a fish? No problem. Dragon queen? Okay. Gay character? F$#K NO! OH NO, we can't have that! Ariel, the MERMAID, a fictional fish-human combination has a dark tone skin! BURN IT DOWN!


The Governor of Florida wants to say he's NOT racist, and he's NOT homophobic, yet he PASSES LAWS to inhibit what you can SPEAK ABOUT. Anti-Woke? I think he's saying anti-sympathetic to others plights, and specifically to their ability to defend themselves. Anti-Inclusion? Sounds like exclusion! Sounds exactly like a governor who has found a novel way to pass legislation to bring back segregation, seperation, discrimination, and hate. I'm waiting for, and dreading, the good ole' boys to start lynching LGBTQIA people, or black people, and claim that they felt afraid for their morals. They'll probably say they were justified in the Florida court system for expressing their RELIGIOUS RIGHTS. That's how every major conflict begins and ends. Religion and Belief. The way it's going, I see it coming to pass, and it will be a sad day indeed. Actually it;s here already. People feeling threatened by someone else's personal choices. SAD.


Like I said, IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING, just to a lesser extent, then again... is it? We have people dying every day, in custody, for doing nothing. For being SUSPECTED of something, with no proof, nothing! They're paying the ultimate price, for nothing. People who didn't break the law, are being detained, because they refuse to identify or play the power game with law enforcement. Police officers who do not know the law, are trying to enforce their own beliefs, push this ideal of their own superiority, their ABSOLUTE POWER, and being supported by their systems because... they can't loose any more cops! Nobody wants to be a cop now-a-days. Well, it's no fucking wonder!


So when you're reading about the Target controversy, remember this;

Target probably doesn't want to fight Ron-The-Satanist like Disney is. They probably don't want Ronnie-The-Big-D to make a special supervisory board of political schmucks to take control of TARGET and start trying to dismantle to company, like he's trying to do to Disney, in retaliation for them saying his bill wan't morally acceptable. TARGET probably thought a much more logical move would be to just cave to the pressures of the GOP and their beliefs, and let the shareholders take the loss, and keep on conducting business as usual. I mean, anything for the shareholders, right?

I suspect TARGET will say little else about this controversy. GOP speaking heads like the Bitch from Evil-Dub, Majorly-Torn-Greed, or the consumate Simp from "White is the new Gay", Lesbian-Graham, will take this as a big win for the GOP and make it a point to show that TARGET did the "right thing" by removing all those EVIL rainbows and unicorns, and made SURE your children stayed innocent (straight, white, and under 18).

I don't apologize if I accidentally on purpose offended your delicate anti-LGBTQIA or Religious Beliefs. This is America where we have freedom of speech and press. If the right wing can spew their hate filled diatribe 24-7, I can stick up for the rights and personal choices of others even though I may not conduct my own personal choices or actions in the same manner. I'm a veteran, a father, and a small business owner. I fight for what's right, not what's popular, or what any other person's imaginary omnipotent force says is right or wrong, from a couple thousand years ago.

Thank you for reading. Subscribe if you like. Please donate, or leave a comment inf you'd like me to write about a specific subject or topic. Gotta roll! Peace.

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