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Keith Haring: Innovative Art

Artist in a class of his own

By Rikki la rougePublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Keith Herring, truly on artistic original. His work was a type of street art that no one sent him has done, and no one after him has done it either. One word that describes the artwork of Keith Haring is innovated an unprecedented. His works of art also socially conscious statements for example, Keith had contracted aids, and so in his artwork, he often did pieces that raise the awareness of the disease and for cure. Keith was also a publicly out of the closet, gay man, who, also in his work addressed issues important in the gay and lesbian communities.

It is hard to accurately describe his artwork. He drew the figures in his works, and always outlined the character with thick black paint. There is the famous barking dog, the crawling, baby, and the heart with legs and feet to name a few. Let me put it this way if you saw Keith Haring piece today or whenever you read this article, you would absolutely know his work.

Keith Haring’s original canvas was all over the streets of New York City in the 80s. In fact, I went to the city for the Greenwich Village Halloween parade. Recently, I took the subway, and, as luck would have it, we took the subway in which Keith had done a canvas one time. I knew without a second thought, or doubt the canvas that I passed was where he famously did a piece on. It’s just too bad and also a shame I didn’t have my camera with me that day. In his personal art collection, there is a rare Corvette an actual Corvette that Keith had done a great piece on. He even did a full body piece on the body of legendary singer Grace Jones.

Around the time, Keith was doing art, social activity, and things of that nature had been going on in South Africa, Keith again used his artwork as a form of activism.

Keith cultural impact will be felt today tomorrow, and always, and as it was then. For instance, I know someone who bought a jacket at H&M and on the back was a Keith Haringoriginal getting in the article that even if you do not know, Keith Haring, the artist, you know for sure his work. The work on the back of the man’s jacket I’m referring to was a heart with legs and feet.

I used to go to an art gallery that showcased a few of Keith Haring’s most obscure pieces. The artwork of Keith’s was and is fresh, unique, and exciting. A great artist is one whose whole work regardless of medium of expression is one who can is timeless and stands the test of time and that is so true of Keith Haring and his body of artistic works.

Years after his tragic death due to the AIDS virus, Keith Haring’s work continues to live on as well as his undying legacy. He was an activist who worked through his work for all the causes as well as not in the art form.

During the time of his presence in the art world Keith obviously knew other icons like himself for Jan Basquiet and Andy Warhol. Keith Haring was the first artist who I call my first favorite artist and when I was discovering the world of art. When I discovered his art I wanted more as I do always. It’s fantastic.

I found his biography on a library shelf and simply had to read it. Before reading it I knew nothing of Keith Haring the man behind the artwork.

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