The Health Benefits of Marijuana

by Christina Scanlon 11 months ago in culture

Get your papers and bong ready; it's good for you!

The Health Benefits of Marijuana

Ganja, Reefer, the Devil’s Lettuce, Weed. Call it what you will, but everyone knows it as one thing: Marijuana. For centuries it’s been used to treat medical ailments. One part of the marijuana plant known as cannabidiol (CBD) is used in many supplements to treat things such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and in some cases, alcoholism and opioid dependency. Supplements include gummy vitamins, vape juice, and pills.

From personal experience, cannabis or weed has significantly helped with my chronic pain and mental illness. I find myself feeling relieved of these debilitating ailments even if only temporary. Consuming just one joint of marijuana made me forget that I have any type of chronic mental health, or health, issue. I felt great.

If you go into Google, there is a treasure trove of information regarding the medical properties of cannabis, success stories and testimonials from people who use marijuana to treat their everyday ailments and pains, some having replaced their depression medication in favor of not being tied to a regimen of taking pills every day to manage their mental health or physical health.

Most health professionals suggest medical marijuana as an alternative to medication. It’s even been proven to help cancer patients combat the nauseous side effect of chemotherapy. In studies, Cannabis has shown to slow down, or in extreme cases, kill cancerous cells in a patient, rendering them cancer free; however, it hasn’t been proven that cannabis controls or cures cancer.

Right now in my home state of Connecticut, legislators have a bill on the table to legalize weed. If passed, Connecticut would be the 11th state to legalize the drug for recreational use. 33 states have legalized weed for medical purposes, Connecticut is one of them. There are countless dispensaries around the state. In order to get medical marijuana, you need to be prescribed by a medical professional. The fee for a medical marijuana card is $175-$200 with Veterans being $150. This is wonderful considering how many illnesses and mental health problems are being cured without the use of things such as antidepressants and opioids. As most know, there is an opioid epidemic across the country, and with the legalization of medical marijuana, it cuts out the addiction to these pain medications, preventing unneeded overdoses and death.

Some Americans demonize Marijuana, calling it a “Gateway drug” to harder things like Cocaine and Heroin, but it’s been disproven that Marijuana makes a person want to venture out and try these dangerous drugs. Personally, the only thing I want to try when I smoked a joint was cake. For some odd reason, I crave cake when I’m high; a safe side effect of smoking ganja in my opinion. Here’s the thing. Marijuana has killed zero people for years, and it’s illegal in some states, but alcohol is legal and kills countless Americans yearly. See the problem here? One is proven to cure so many things but it’s villainized. The nicest people I’ve ever met are recreational weed users.

There are so many benefits to smoking weed. When you toke up, it’s like every single sense that you own is unlocked. I’ve found that my perception of things is heightened. I can hear clearer, see clearer, It’s like I’m actually in tune with my body. I never had this experience with any medication that my doctor prescribed. I find that I feel better about myself as well. I’m happy, my anxiety and depression are gone, even for a short time, I’m not in chronic, debilitating pain from PCOS. I feel like I can take on the world. I only hope Connecticut follows suit and legalizes weed, because I think I would find myself using marijuana regularly.

Christina Scanlon
Christina Scanlon
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