The FDA Wants to Ban Flavored E-Juice, Endangering Millions of Americans

Here's why it's a bad idea.

The FDA Wants to Ban Flavored E-Juice, Endangering Millions of Americans

Imagine this. The government or some other higher authority banned something that you enjoyed; whether it be sweets, television, video games, etc. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “That could never happen, right? We live in the land of the free, the United States of America. Surely they couldn’t take away something we enjoy on a daily basis cause that would just be evil. It could never happen.”

Now, what if I told you that this thing COULD happen to vaping? The FDA is working on banning all flavored e-juice from the market and replacing it with bland, boring flavors like tobacco and menthol. You heard me right, no more coffee or dessert flavored e-juice to enjoy. The very thought of this scares me. I stopped smoking thanks to coffee flavored e-juice. I’d hate to think or even imagine that if I was subjected to just tobacco flavored e-juice that I would be tempted to buy a pack of cigarettes and actually risk getting lung cancer AGAIN. The thought makes me angry.

Here’s the thing. Millions of Americans have stopped smoking thanks to vaping. They have saved their own lives by making the switch. I’ve even attempted to get my father to stop smoking when I let him try my vape mod. He was impressed, but since he’s a stroke victim, he would need help keeping at it (filling it, changing the coil, the cotton, etc). He’s still a work in progress. There are many success stories on how people who have smoked for years were able to stop and they have felt so much better, me being one of them. The relief I get when I can actually breathe for once, the food I eat tastes that much more delicious, I don’t smell like an ashtray, my clothes don’t stink, it was a wonderful feeling that I never want to go away.

CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternative Association) is tasked with educating and advocating for the vaping community. They are an organization who works towards information and debunking vaping myths. Their website has tons of information about vaping, the benefits, news, and advocacy, encouraging vapers to use their voice and save this community that we all hold dear. It is encouraged to reach out to your congressman or congresswoman and tell them how vaping has changed your life, and why you think the FDA is in the wrong when it comes to trying to shut it down and put millions of Americans at risk for smoking again when they quit for one reason or another.

Teenage vaping is at an all-time high, with kids getting their hands on JUULs and other things. Where are the parents? Where is the discipline and the anger when a kid comes home with something that they shouldn’t have? Why aren’t the parents, the ones that are supposed to protect and look out for their children confiscating these devices from their kids and making sure they don’t buy something like this again? Now, I know parenting is hard and we can’t be there every second of our children’s lives, but there needs to be boundaries put into place so kids understand that this is not okay and it’s harming the vaping industry and the countless lives it’s saved. There needs to be consequences for actions such as this. This is why the FDA is truly trying to shut down vaping aside from that they are losing money because people are switching.

I know that I’m not the only one who would be very livid should the FDA succeed in banning flavored e-juice. Granted, I wanted to stop smoking and enjoy how I would do such a thing. Prohibiting flavors such as candy or baked goods just adds to the problem. Allowing just two flavors such as tobacco and menthol to vape is boring.

If you care about vaping and want to make sure that your favorite e-juice flavors see the light of day, then PLEASE advocate and educate. Sign up for CASAA, write your senator, educate those who are misinformed, help out a novice vaper and give him helpful advice and answer any questions they may have. We need to all work together if we want to continue vaping. That’s all we can do.

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