Vaping is Under Attack and Why You Should Care

by Christina Scanlon about a month ago in controversies

Lawmakers and Politicians are trying to ban hardware and juice, jeopardizing millions of Americans and threatening to have them go back to smoking.

Vaping is Under Attack and Why You Should Care

Recently, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer imposed a statewide vaping ban resulting in the restriction of vaping products. This angered a lot of people, not to mention those not living in the state. Other states are quick to follow it seems. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is in the process of putting out a statewide ban of vaping products, which is understandably angering a lot of New Yorkers who use vaping as a means to not smoke, not to mention my home state of Connecticut is working on a ban as well.

It’s not surprising to say, this is a bit ridiculous. Vaping saves lives. Millions of lives. It saved mine from lung cancer when I needed to find something to get me off the cigarettes. I only smoked for 16 years, but it still did damage to my lungs. I had nodules there that if I hadn’t stopped smoking, I would have gotten lung cancer. Cancer is scary. A few months after I started vaping, the nodules in my lung shrunk and I could breath better, and my taste and smell were heightened. Now, I can’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke—it makes me nauseous.

I have a question for the lawmakers and the politicians who are at war with the vaping industry. Why? Is it because you’re losing money from big tobacco so you’d rather risk millions of people going back to cigarettes that they tried for many years to quit to live a healthier lifestyle? Why take away the one thing proven to help people quit smoking just because of some dumbass who purchases illegal THC cartridges and ends up in the hospital hooked up to tubes? Where’s the war on illegal shit like that? WHY are you relating illegal substances like the THC cartridges to vaping? It’s not that same. Us vapers would never do that. A good majority of the population that vape buys their juice/hardware/etc from a legit website or brick and mortar shop. We do not condone illegal vaping substances. This is what you do not understand. DO NOT put us in the same category as the people who buy these illegal things and blames it on vaping. We as vapers are not to blame for this.

Even now in 2019, vaping is still misunderstood. Some doctors, lawmakers, politicians, even everyday people don’t seem to be educated in what vaping actually is and how it can save lives. (Google is your friend!) Not many people seem to understand why vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Do you know how many harmful chemicals are in one cigarette alone? Over 4000 and counting. I’ve even heard that Newports, those menthol cigarettes that my nephew seems to love, have fiberglass in it. You won’t find any of that nasty stuff in vape juice. From my understanding, Vape juice has the following: PG (Propylene glycol) VG (Vegetable Glycerin) Nicotine (You can get vape juice without nicotine if you’re just trying to quit in general) and flavoring. That is, count them. Four... FOUR ingredients. I don’t understand why some people “Don’t know what’s in vape juice so it must be dangerous!” Please, for the love of everything that is good, do some research before condemning something that is saving millions of lives and keeping people off the cigarettes.

Look, I understand how concerned a lot of people are when it comes to vaping. There’s a growing problem of marketing to children. (Which shouldn’t be a thing in my opinion, teens shouldn’t be anywhere near vaping.) But don’t villainize vaping as a whole because millions of adults rely on vaping every day so they don’t go back to cigarettes. Think about that.

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