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Marijuana: The Hero

Why We Should View This Plant Differently

By Davin PaigePublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Cannabis plant

In a world filled with opioid addiction, we have found a natural alternative. The problem is that it is illegal in most states. I know you are probably thinking, well, medical marijuana is legal in some of these places. However, there are issues getting access to that even in states where it is legal.

I find myself dealing with more medical issues as I age, similar to most people. I have never been big on taking medication that are sold over the counter or prescribed. I hate not knowing what I am taking as well as some of the effects of these medications. I am terrified of becoming addicted to something I was encouraged to take for better health. As a person who suffers from anxiety, IBS, non-alcoholic fatty liver, and insomnia, I am constantly seeking relief. My doctor has done all in his power to treat me while limiting the amount of medication I need. I have also torn a calf muscle and was left to suffer at times due to not wanting to become reliant on the pain medication. I suffer from bronchitis which can feel like the flu at times. These are several issues I deal with that require different treatments. Aside from the effects of medications, they can become costly. I have even been turned down by my insurance carrier for a medication prescribed by my doctor to help with my IBS. For those who may not know, IBS is very similar to IBD which is a disease state officials believe to warrant the use of medical marijuana, at least in New York where I live.

Medical marijuana is an option that is too expensive for myself and others. Even if you manage to pay the money for the application process, you still have to pay for the actual prescription. This can easily cost a few hundred dollars. The wait can be a few months as well.

Being a minority from New York, I have seen first hand how our communities are targeted specifically by police. Marijuana has been used as a reason for over-policing. Imagine how many people who were self medicating have been arrested. There has been this unfortunate and unjust reputation attached to marijuana as a result of the governing authorities. It is impossible to acknowledge mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD without acknowledging the treatments. Athletes and soldiers have gone on record saying how they were able to cope with different ailments due to marijuana with the effects the prescribed medications leave. People have risked their freedom and careers to heal themselves.

This could all be alleviated if the government legalized and regulated marijuana. Unfortunately, it seems as if political figures in states such as New York have just used it as a tool for re-election. Due to pressure from gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon, Gov. Cuomo has become more open to legalizing marijuana in New York. I guess the opioid crisis, over-policing in minority communities and medical issues were not enough for him to realize legalization is necessary.

For those misguided people who still believe the negative stigmas associated with marijuana, here are some characteristics of weed for you to consider. Scientist have proven the marijuana can help with opioid addiction. It can be an alternative and some suspect it can help with recovery from the biological effects of the brain due to the addiction. Marijuana has falsely been identified as being addictive like cigarettes and other drugs. Marijuana is used to help with depression as well. CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta put together a phenomenal special report called "Weed 4: Pot vs. Pills" that can be viewed online. It will respond to most questions and doubts the public has. My suggestion is that you do your research before passing judgement on marijuana. Aside from the medical pros it has not directly caused any deaths. We have missed out on a natural medicine that can also make life happier.


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