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Cavs Get Swept?

Why I Believe the Cavaliers Have Lost the Finals

By Davin PaigePublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Lebron James during game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Before I can provide insight into my title, I need to provide context around this perspective. Cleveland has made several roster changes throughout this year. I also believe Kyrie leaving was unexpected. This hurts the team chemistry. People have to figure out where and how they fit with the team. I think most fans expected Cleveland to easily win the eastern conference; however, I did not. Chemistry is a huge reason why. I also believe that Kyrie leaving left a huge void that has yet to be filled. Kyrie is a shot creator and playmaker. He does not need help getting a quality shot up that is makable for him. No one on Cleveland outside of Lebron can do that consistently. That leads me to my next question: How will Lebron rest? While Kyrie was in the lineup, Lebron could rest as the offense ran through Kyrie. We have seen Kyrie score and facilitate off isolations as well as pick and rolls regularly. Lebron was also able to be subbed out because there was another scorer/playmaker.

We watched a struggling Cleveland team the entire year. I thought D. Wade brought those qualities that were missing with Kyrie gone; unfortunately, he was traded. I also think they have recruited people that they are not using. Rodney Hood, Jeff Green, and Jordan Clarkson could be huge contributors if Cleveland was more flexible in their game plan. They have the potential to have a quality bench and starters that help to preserve Lebron for crunch time. These guys have all put up decent numbers on other teams. However, at Cleveland they seem mediocre at best. We have seen glimpses of how good Jeff Green can be when given the opportunity. It seems the team is not on the same page right now. Jordan Clarkson has put up good numbers of the bench for LA and as a starting point guard before the Ball era. Why not use his ability to create to fill the void Kyrie left. Tyronn Lue is entirely too dependent on Lebron. You have a double double guy in Kevin Love who is used as a spot up shooter for most of the game. He is one of the best big men and rebounders in the league. His time in Minnesota proved that. Lebron has single-handedly willed this team to the playoffs. This is a gift and a curse. Lebron has handicapped his team and they don't know how to play as a team without him. This is why the playoff series the Cavs have been in have been so close. Lebron is human and cannot possibly keep up this level of play without there being some downside. He is beat up and it is showing in the finals. I doubt there is much left in his tank.

The last straw is the JR Smith’s indiscretion at the end of game one. It only magnified the fact that Lebron is carrying a franchise. JR Smith is part of a much bigger team mistake. He has been the focus of the blame, but the fact remains that there was a timeout left that the coaches did not use during that crucial moment. Golden State is a team with a ton of depth. They have a quality bench. There is no way Cleveland beats Golden State in their current state. I am gonna predict a sweep just because Lebron looks tired and defeated already. This may also be the reason for Lebron departing again. Cleveland has to have the foresight to build for a future with and without Lebron James.


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