How to Give a Cannabis Massage

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Cannabis massages are a healthy way to keep your day stress free. 

How to Give a Cannabis Massage

Cannabis topicals can relieve pain. With anti-inflammatory potent compounds, marijuana topicals are amazing for muscle pain treatment. Imagine the amazing ways particular marijuana strains can heal the mind. Give a cannabis massage to yourself with your favorite marijuana topicals. Proper application can rejuvenate the body, relieve headaches and ease anxiety. Most cannabis oils can be found in your local dispensary, others marijuana topicals are homemade.

Headache Relief

When in need of headache relief, grab a bottle of your favorite topical infused with marijuana nutrients. Start by applying topical in both hands, and begin to massage down both the sides and back of your neck, along with rubbing the top of your shoulder without exerting too much pressure. The topical not only warms the area up and relieves aches but relaxes the nerves decreasing anxiety.

Apply small amount of oil onto your thumbs. Keep thumbs free and pointing down. A cannabis massage a few times a day can proactively prevent headaches.

  1. Interlace your finger together and place them behind your head with elbows wide. Stretch back the elbows, further warming up the muscles.
  2. Tuck chin into the chest: stretching the spine while keeping the back straight. This can be done either sitting in a straight backed chair or even standing, perhaps with your back firmly pressed against a wall.
  3. Make sure chest is open and elbows are parallel to the shoulders
  4. Rub your thumb up and down along the back of your neck. First create small clock wise circles, then after a minute switch to counter clockwise.
  5. After two minutes lightly let the thumbs move from the hairline to the curves leading into the shoulders. them from base of the shoulders to the base of the skull.
  6. Reapply oils to your thumb and repeat the process over a ten minute period.

Relax the Face and Jaw

The stiffening in the jaw and tension in the face can be treated with a cannabis topical facial massage. Palms rest on your cheekbones. Fingers covering eyes. In circular motions, softly massage your hands over your face. This will help make the skin more receptive to the topical massage. Add cannabis oil or lotion to a plate. Rub your index and middle finger in the topical. Place your on your temples and rub in clockwise circular motions. Slow your pace and increase the size of the circle ever so slightly. Concentrate your energy on any tight spots. One good trigger spot is about half an inch from the hair line and about the same distance above the temples.

After at least 3 minutes, let the two fingers drop down to where the upper jaw meets the midsection of your skull. Use your two fingers to apply more oil from the bowl or plate. After about 2 minutes of gentle small circles, move your fingers slowly along the lower jaw down the chin. Try to keep your jaw relaxed while you bring the fingers back to the upper jaw joint.

After another minute of small gentle circles, its time to take some further topicals and place your middle finger softly on the tip of the piece of cartilage that sits near the entrance of the ear. It usually sticks out near the mid ear. Rub slowly up and down along this unusual spot. After about a minute start to move your fingers up into the hairline tracing the line from the ear to the center of the back neck.

This whole massage should take approximately ten minutes, and leave you feeling great. The topical you choose may vary the relief. For the most part though, no matter what your strain, the healing effects of a brief daily massage or two has statistically shown to be a significant factor for many in decreased stress and anxiety throughout the workday.

Thigh High

Rub the oil in the palms of your hands. Apply it liberally to your quads at the top of the leg. Best to be in a seated position near the edge of a bed or chair, to allow for more strength to work the quads with your palms and finger tips. Your leg should heat up a bit and the pressure should vary throughout approximately three minutes. Interlace your fingers and spend the next two minutes working down the quad. Slowly move your fingers side to side as you work the laced fingers up and down the quad. As your quad relaxes, switch to elbows and forearms as you squeeze the thigh closer to the body.

Untighten Hamstrings

Before beginning a hamstring cannabis massage, make sure that your hamstrings are warmed up. To accomplish this, rub a flat hand back and forth over the muscle. Then interlace your fingers and squeeze up and down along your hamstring, rolling it back and forth between your palms. Next, begin gently working into the hamstring on either side by releasing your hands and massaging with your fingertips. Start down by your knee and work up. Continue using a rolling motion, similar to the one you were using when your hands were intertwined, and focus on any tender areas. Once you've reached the top, rub your hands up and down the hamstring again. Finally, give the muscle some quick and gentle slaps to help it release.

Foot Massage

A good cannabis foot massage should start by sitting on the floor with the soles of your feet touching, back straight. If this position is uncomfortable for you, try sitting on a yoga block or a firm pillow. Gently rub each foot with the topical to warm them up before beginning the massage. Once your circulation is going, fold forward slightly and place one hand on each foot, palms resting on the tops of the feet and thumbs in the arch. Use your thumbs to slide up and down the soles of your feet as you grip the tops of your feet with your palms. Foot massages are a bit more flexible in terms of technique than leg or neck massages. You're pretty much free to massage in whatever way feels best. when you reach a tender spot, gently push into it until the muscle releases.

Hand Care

After using your hands to give the rest of your body a cannabis massage, don't forget to massage them as well. Slather the topical onto your hands, rubbing them together for optimal coverage. Work the thumb of one hand into the palm of the other. The best place to squeeze is between the thumb and index finger. Next, squeeze and pull each finger upward with the thumb and fingers of the other hand, pausing to squeeze each fingertip. Repeat this with your other hand. Finally, stretch your hands by reaching your arms in front of you with your hands pointing down. Use the opposite hand to pull your fingers back and down, releasing and rolling your wrist around. Repeat this step with each hand.

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