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How Legalizing Cannabis Can Help All of Us Emotionally Heal

by Missy Conley 3 years ago in humanity
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Parents need to lighten up, veterans have PTSD, and a lot of people have unresolved emotional traumas

This is what people use to punish themselves with because of feeling unloved...

Legalization is not only about sitting stoned on the couch all day people. The generations that have suffered through war fighting for this country have everything from PTSD to pain in their bodies that legalization of cannabis can help relieve.

People have suffered through wars here in their own homes as well, being born different with any kind of label from ADHD to being born with no arms and no legs! What kind of trauma do you think that causes within a person's mind? Being born so different that you have no possible way of seeing how you could ever become a functioning part of society?

People having grown up in conservatively conditioned homes, feeling they were born as the wrong gender or they were attracted to people of the same sex. What kind of traumas do you think they have suffered? There's a story stemming from right here in Kings Mills, Ohio, a person minutes from me, Leelah Alcorn, born and named Joshua Ryan Alcorn. Guess what the parents did? They cut Leelah off from her friends and they basically put the gun to their own child's head. They removed her from contact with anyone who made her feel okay and accepted about her identity, and when they cut that cord, they cut the cord that kept Leelah here on the planet. She was alone, unloved, unaccepted. She was locked in a room by herself and denied everything a human being needs to feel loved.

Emotional trauma is KILLING this country. That is the big truth. people not accepting others as they are entitled to be by birth. How is it your business what someone else does? How do you get to criticize who someone feels they need to be? Why do you attack with hate the VERY people you are supposed to love the most? Is it because of fear? YES. It's because of your own fears that you will not be accepted.

I have struggled with this very thing my whole life. Being ADHD and not being able to keep up with the norms that have been put in place by society have caused me to have a very hard time accepting myself, building self esteem and self worth, and almost ending up killing myself with pills, alcohol, and promiscuous sex in order to feel any type of joy.

Escape is exactly what it was. Fourteen years I spent trying to feel loved and accepted and the only place I could do it was with other addicts. Other people who felt like outcasts themselves and that we had no other use in the world besides being a servant to others who appear to have it all figured out, when they are the ones being subservient to FEAR. Keeping up appearances, showing others what they think they want to see, fitting into a box that society has laid out for them.

The mistake people make is that once they create a child and bring them into this world and think that they OWN that child forever. They think they can and will be in control of the choices that they make and who they hang out with or the schools that they go to. Who that child becomes is the choice of that soul? The choice of that human being you brought forth into this world to grow and blossom into who and what they feel so strongly about that you have absolutely nothing to do with. I do apologize on behalf of the system that made you believe you get that authority over your children's' lives. They were mistaken to have led you to believe that. That is an individual soul that has the Divine Right from birth to decide who they become. The voice and the message that they have for the world has nothing to do with destroying your world. Don't take it personal. It's uncomfortable, and I feel empathy for you. I really do. Smoke some pot. Get over it. Let your children LIVE. Allow them the space and the peace they deserve that your parents never allowed you to have.

The spell is broken. The cycle is over. Being unique and different is exactly who they have the right to be. What they are doing is not trying to embarrass you and your family, they are trying to teach you about love. Loving someone unconditionally for who they are to you. Love your child now as you did when they were first placed in your arms for the first time. Allow them to teach you the nature of true love.

Opiate addicts are not losers. They are people who have deep emotional healing that are escaping from dealing with it. Maybe you think, so and so couldn't possibly have any emotional problems to deal with, they are only 12 years old. How do you know if they want to be an artist and you want them to be a lawyer like you and they love you so much they could never tell you no? Guess what, they just chose your happiness over their own. They already know that you won't listen. They might as well not even try. So this is only one example of how someone emotionally traumatized feels inside. A loss of hope that they can be useful on this planet. So then a person shows up with some pills and says these will make you feel better man. You don't feel anything on these, and they see hope. It's false hope, but the glimmer of hope that they do see from whatever emotional pain they are feeling inside compels them or at beckons them through temptation of feeling some kind of relief. The trickery is, they get get hooked into feeling the lack of caring about everyone else and what they think about them, that they use until they sometimes do end up leaving the planet by accident.

It is imperative that this stigma come to an abrupt end, like yesterday. Your love for your child or friend or yourself has to ascend to the frequency of unconditional LOVE. Empathy MUST return to the hearts of every person in this country immediately! We must lift each other into emotional balance through kindness, acceptance, and freedom to express ourselves as we choose!

Look at the homeless veterans, how they have served us all! How could we not love them and support them in their times of need? PTSD and feeling forgotten, people walking past them as if they don't exist, lying homeless on the sidewalks of our mighty and great abundant cities?? Does this seem like justice to people who gave their lives and their families for freedom of this very country?

PTSD, Epilepsy, OCD, panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, being rejected by your family, being forgotten and left for dead after serving your country. Yes, even for de-stressing and relaxing after a long ass day of working for the man, and making corporations millions. After long commutes, and running the kids from activity to activity. After mentally exhausting and challenging days in courtrooms fighting for rights for people who don't know they had any! Smoking a bowl to spark creativity. To sit stoned on the couch all day, but instead of getting all those great ideas and not acting on them, DO IT. Been there, done that!! Thinking of something in eighth grade only to see Columbia creating it and making millions off of it ten years later. We have the internet people. Collaborate with people, use ebay, create an app, believe in yourself! We could be evolving and SHOULD be evolving SO MUCH FASTER with YOUR help.

We all need to relax more. Stress is the number one killer in this country. It is the source of all physical and mental disease. Please use your voice and let's make a change before we become extinct individually. Pills are simply different combinations of the periodic table of elements. Why do all of that when there is a plant that grows naturally that does not cost anything that relieves stress, sparks creative ideas that could save this planet's resources, and helps people have some natural relief from emotional trauma AKA stress, and can help an epileptic child not have so many seizures? It relieves suffering, why are we so afraid to relax? Why are we allowing ourselves to be slaves to pills? Why are we allowing opiate addicts to die daily trying to fight fire with fire. You cannot cure a pill problem with MORE PILLS.

Let me remind what a very intelligent man once said... No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. We have to learn to see the world anew.

Legalizing cannabis could spark the ideas that become the solutions to saving the planet. Remember, climate control? We kind of have to solve that and the white rabbit is here to tell us we are on a timeline to save humanity and the planet that allows us to live here. If She dies, we die.


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